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Philosophy of law
Parkhomenko R.N. - English Democracy Tradition of the XVIIth Century (B. Chicherin) pp. 163-186


Abstract: In article democratic currents in English social thought of the XVII century in treatment of the brilliant domestic encyclopedic thinker B. N. Chicherin are shined. For today at us in the country it is rather low-studied area of the political philosophy, which studying as it is represented, can help development of own liberal concepts with modern Russia. B. Chicherin arguing on development of concepts of the state, the right and human freedom in intellectual history of mankind I believed that the state as institute of the public power, though connects society of individuals in a whole, but thus it shouldn't suppress freedom of his members. The person by the nature is a free being – about it English democrats of the XVII century wrote very much. Methodology of research was work with little-known texts, both domestic, and foreign. Work can be used when teaching a course of history of social philosophy or history of political doctrines. As a result of consideration of the main democratic ideas in England it is possible to notice XVII century that done English democrat publicists in the XVII century I was important and productive. As well as the first revolution in England, and works of Sydney, Garrington, Milton and Gaulle were that base, that initial stage in development of democratic theories of a state system, leaning on which already such known philosopher as, for example, John Locke, could create the integral and thought-over theory of the natural right and to become the founder of individual school in philosophy.
Fat'yanov I.V. - Nature and Philosophical Significance of the Experimental Method in Lawmaking Activities pp. 250-264


Abstract: The article deals with the genesis and nature of the experimental method from the perspective of the philosophy of law. The author points out the two distinct values of the experimental method in jurisprudence. The article also offers the author's definition of the experimental method applied to the experimental lawmaking.
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