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Reverence for life
Pupysheva N.V. - Interpretation of the principles of pulsation in terms of Tibetan medicine pp. 66-78


Abstract: The subject of this research is the fundamental theoretical regulations of Tibetan medicine, which being a part of Buddhist teaching, has a clearly determined scientific foundation. The object is the philosophical and methodological grounds of diagnostics and treatment of diseases in Tibetan medicine. The basic terms that describe the functionality of human physic and physiology is the system of five great elements, represented on psychophysiological level as the system of three bases. The disturbance of balance of these three bases leads to health disorders. A hypothesis is put forward on functionality of the vector model of subject-object response on the psychic level (emotional expressions) and its extensive interpretation on the physiological level; at the same time it is describes as the foundation of physiological pulsation. The article provides an overview of the Dhatu system (places of manifestation of great elements in the body), as well as mutual effect of the great elements of external and internal environment. Mutual functioning of three bases of the body underlies the pulse diagnostics, as well as pharmaceutical or non-pharmaceutical treatment of diseases. The article analyzes the basic body functionality and principles physiological pulsation. A conclusion is made that the system of great elements has become a methodological foundation for the perception of the knowledge in Buddhism, which allows reconstructing the process of physiological pulsation in its relation with the phenomena of psychic sphere and more in-depth comprehension of such connections.
Koptelova T.I. - From virtual to real Ц the phenomenon of life in organic logic of Eurasianism pp. 75-86


Abstract: This article examines the alternative to dominant in modern science understanding of life in organic logic of Eurasianism of the 1920’s – 1930’s, continued by L. N. Gumilyov. The author analyzes the problem of the loss of adequate perception of corporeality and harmony of life within the “virtual formation” paradigm. Thus, the question of the possible worldview transition from mechanicalism towards organic understanding  of the reality is being examined. The article provides the crucial aspects of the phenomenon of life, which are revealed in the organic logic of Eurasianism: always corresponding with the specific space and time, rhythm and field, wholeness, variety, multidimensionality of the connections and relations. The author illustrates the prospects for further scientific research of the organic logic of Eurasianism as the foundation for establishment of the adequate environmental consciousness of upcoming generations, as well as the key principle of scientific methodology. The proposed by Eurasianism of this period and complemented by Gumilyov methodology of examination of social development, until the present moment was not considered one of the lines of development of the organic philosophy – the intellectual tradition opposite to mechanicalism. At the same time. The organic logic of Eurasianosm characterizes a distinct way of reasoning that exists in various cultural traditions (hylozoism, vitalism, “integral knowledge”, “organicism”, organic type of philosophy of history, etc.). The alternative to mechanistic way of reasoning suggested by Eurasianism is based upon the organic logic that reflects the peculiarities and rhythm of life of the nature biogeocenosis, ethnoses, and separate individual, without which any development is impossible.  
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