Электронный журнал Философская мысль - №1 за 2012 год - Содержание - список статей - ISSN: 2409-8728 - Издательство NotaBene
Philosophical Thought
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Contents of Issue № 01/2012
Ontology: being and nihility
Kutyrev V.A. - Cognitisation of the World: its Philosophical and Historical Foundations pp. 1-45
Abstract: The article is dedicated to review of historical forms of cognitive modeling of reality: ontology, gnoseology, epistemology, cognitology. Qualitative and notional kind of cognition is replaced by quantitative and formal within direction of «cognitivism». «Logos» is reduced to «mathesis». Transcendental philosophical systems of Kant and Husserl can be considered as a basis of «cognitivism». Postmodernism (first of all in the person of Deleuze) overcame incoherence of these systems and replaced «identity and contradiction» as a substantiaties principle of thinking by «difference and repetition» in its radical interpretation. This is informationism. It means the replacement of ontology by nihitology, the replacement of human objective sensual universe by constructed, cognitive post-human world.
Cycles and tides in the global world
Ursul A.D., Ursul T.A. - Universal (Global) Evolutionism and Global Studies pp. 46-101
Abstract: In this paper we propose a general scientific concept of a global (universal) evolution, in which self-organization of the material systems acts as a common ground and a permanent process of progressive development in the visible Universe. The main problem of research of this type of evolution is seen as a superhighway trajectory of evolutionary processes in the Universe, in which there is a continuous self-organization of the material systems, ranging from the Big Bang and to the social level of evolution, which has an indefinite continuation of society and nature. The authors consider it necessary to determine the status of globalistics, to determine the place of the scientific exploration of global processes in modern science, and to build a common vision and assess the prospects for global studies. It is assumed that globalistics, regardless of the narrow or broad definition of its subject, is only part of a broader scientific field – Global Studies (which includes a global evolutionism) and the overall process of globalization of science.
Political philosophy
Borisenkov A.A. - On the Political Culture as a Way of Political Being pp. 102-128
Abstract: The author of the article reveals the contents of the political culture and analyzes its interpretation approaches which have formed in the political science lately. The author proves the thesis that political culture is a form of social and actually existing culture, and the socail culture consists in the politics forming technology, witch is presented with the management desicion making rules. The article describes the main types of political culture and based on that, forms the special law of existence of political culture.
Social philosophy
Markin A.V. - Science of the Future Law pp. 129-140
Abstract: The article describes the logic and values of philosophy as a science about potential law. The author of the article touches on the process of legal evolution and development of the concept of law. The author also studies the mission of philosophy of law as an intellectual tool t of search for the future, desirable right and criterion of the validity of the effective right. The author analyzes the relation between dogmatic and creative initiatives in studies of law. 
Frontiers and theories of knowledge
Galkin I.V. - Monistic Epistemology of Benedict Spinoza pp. 141-170
Abstract: Key words: attribute, epistemology, essence, existence, modus, monism, principle, rationalism, substance.The present article deals with a problem of epistemology in Benedict Spinoza’s monistic philosophy. It is widely known that the system of this great Hollander thinker is one of the most original in philosophy and his conception is a real milestone in European rationalism. According to Spinoza’s thoughts, the unity of the creation is established on pantheistic monism of the substance and every thinking individual is nothing than the idea or modus in God’s mind. Therefore, his epistemology possesses some monistic features which originate in the identity of subject and object of cognition.
Philosophical anthropology
Shilovskaya N.S. - Person as a Subject, Being and Being of the Subject in History and Modern Times pp. 171-203
Abstract: The article is devoted to a problem of genesis of the person as subject and history of his relationship with being. At what historical stage a person realized himself as a creator and thus assumed responsibility for being? How the person as subject decided to seize, subordinate and absorb being? Take-off and falling of the person, existentialism and humanity in their interrelation, the person Russian and the person of the western mentality in the history and the present – here those aspects of a problem of the person and being which interest the author.
Philosophy and culture
Polishchuk V.I. - Idea of Culture pp. 204-217
Abstract: The article contains a brief review of opinions on the subject of philosophy of culture and the role of philosophy in culture in general. Such a review makes it necessary to define the term 'idea of culture' that is performed when human creates the 'appearance and 'visibility'. The later is not illusion but the world created by human ability to see. The author also makes a hypothesis about creation of a new image of culture, modern philosophy of culture being its harbinger. 
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