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Culture and Art

Artistic Reality in Guzel Yakhina's Novel 'My Children'

Rozin Vadim Markovich

Doctor of Philosophy

Chief Scientific Associate, Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences 

109240, Russia, Moskovskaya oblast', g. Moscow, ul. Goncharnaya, 12 str.1, kab. 310

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According to a number of critics, in her new novel Guzel Yakhina did not manage to naturally combine different artistic narrations and themes. Rozin analyzes the criticism and arguments based on his own concept of artistici reality. He demonstrates that the new novel of Guzel Yakhina is not traditional in terms of its narration. The writer used the method of artistic poetics that Rozin believes to belong to the phenomenological approach. The peculiar feature of the phenomenological approach is the description and expression of the reality outside the artist and performance of a complex subject content of the consciousness. For this regard, the author discusses the challenges that may be faced by the reader who tries to understand such artistic reality. Rozin has used the following methods: problem statement, comparative analysis, reconstruction of Guzel Yakhina's creative writing, positioning in polemics and axiological analysis. As a result of his research, Rozin demonstrates that it is necessary to differentiate between two different means of construction of the literary reality, wherein phenomenological discourse and aesthetics are very different from traditional ones. Even though the phenomenological approach provides new opportunities, it has certain drawbacks, too, especially in terms of understanding and thinking logic. 

Keywords: content, form, thinking, understanding, text, phenomenology, product reception, author, reader, reception, author, reader
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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