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Philosophical Thought

Three knots in the problem of freedom of will

Alenevskii Il'ya Andreevich

Post-graduate student, the department of Culturology, Philosophy of Culture and Aesthetics, St. Petersburg State University

199034, Russia, Saint Petersburg, g. Saint Petersburg, ul. Mendeleevskaya, 5




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Abstract: The subject of this research is the problem of freedom of will within the history of European thought that leads to the actual anthropological situation of modernity – trending towards posthumanism. The problem determines the three parts of knots subjected to untangling: existential, philosophical, and scientific (worldview). The key task lies in development of the adequate theoretical apparatus for the problem of freedom of will that allows detecting the actuality of human existence; collecting and retaining in multiplicity the forms and methods, in which a human shows his will (strong or weak, soft or firm, tense or wise, etc.); as well as making conclusions of worldview character on freedom. The scientific novelty consists in theoretical formulation of the problem of freedom of will that is capable to determine the multiplicity of forms, corresponds to reality that makes a human to grasp and show his will. The character of these forms testifies to the turbulence or crisis of willful consciousness. Unlike the metaphysics that ascribes to free will of a human the universal normative form of the moral law (Kant) or moral responsibility (modern analytical discussions), the article determines the existential part of the problem, which allows structuring the philosopheme of free will and unraveling its distinct theoretical form and practical implementation that can have aesthetic, ethical, and political dimensions.  

Keywords: Transhumanism, Medium good, Will to power, Categorical imperative , Providence, Predetermination, Collision of forms, Existential knot, Formalization of problem, Freedom of will
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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