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Philosophical Thought

Musical communication and its specificities from the perspective of semiotics
Silinskaya Anna Sergeevna

Administrator, LLC “English House”

634000, Russia, Tomsk, Lenina Street 151/1




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Publish date:



The subject of this research is the musical activity as the specific means of human communication, ways of organization of sense-making process, as well dissimilarity of music from the verbal language from the position of semiotic concept. The object of this research is the phenomenon of intersubjective communication, combination of the means for expressing information, methods of its perception, accumulation, and transmission. Special attention is given to the questions of determination of the language and structure of communicative act from the perspective of semiotics, distinction of verbal language from the languages of art; the accent is also made on the non-symbolic nature of music. The scientific novelty consists in making changes in prerequisites of the semiotic approach towards the study of music art as method of intersubjective communication. This allowed understanding music as the language untranslatable into the verbal natural language, which expresses and transmits specific information by means of non-symbolic tools. The author also   recreated the process of sense-making and representation in the music art.

Keywords: music, art language, information, symbol, semiotics, communicative act, language, referent, semantics, message
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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