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Philosophical Thought

Phenomenon of ideology in the context of crisis of the symbolic

Garshin Nikolai Aleksandrovich

Post-graduate student, the department of History of Philosophy, Voronezh State University

394006, Russia, Voronezhskaya oblast', g. Voronezh, ul. Universitetskaya Ploshchad', 1

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Abstract: The subject of this research is the existence of classic ideologies (conservatism, liberalism, socialism, and nationalism) in modern world and their interaction with the coeval social movements and ideas in the context of crisis of the symbolic. The article raises the question about fate of the phenomenon of ideology, necessity of certain changes within the space of discourse of the ideologies and modern social movements. Special attention is given to the correspondence of modernized ideologies to its principles, factors of rise and decline under the current conditions. Relevance of this work consists in the fact that due to the indicated above properties of ideology, alongside the old, firmly established ideologies, emerge the new ones, the status of which has not yet been fully clarified, so is their role and impact upon the local and global sociopolitical processes. At the same time, due to the growing importance of mass media and Internet, similar phenomena and social movements deserve and demand particular attention, because in the current tense political situation, one or another actions in one part of the planet are able to provoke chain reaction around the globe.

Keywords: Social movements, Mass media, Modern society, Liberalism, Modernity, Anti-globalism, Socialism, Conservatism, Ideology, Social philosophy
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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