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Writing and Time. Way of Golem

Spektor David Mikhailovich

PhD in Architecture

Docent, the department of Architecture, Moscow State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering

109451 Russia, Moscow, 3-ya Kabelnaya 1

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Abstract: The subject of the study is represented by triple ratio referentsii- mimesisa- story, traceable on the text of P. Ricoeur's "time and the story." The study proved that chronological time is closely related to the body-space reference and co-compliant activities. "Story" in opposition to it (reference) other (non-chronological) time (other-world), the "collection-itself" in the subject position. This procedure is related to the re-reading of the text, including the re-viewing the incident arising from the formation of subjectivity-and-retrospective differentiation-occurring entities. The article made an attempt this reconstruction (the qualitative) time in its projection on the structure of the narrative-the story.The method of investigation is connected with the analysis and theoretical reconstruction of the concept of "mimesis" in the treatment of "soul" and "spirit". This ratio is assumed in the base of the temporal structure of the reconstruction.The scientific novelty of the research is to develop the concept of time-the story of language, events, plot, genre typology of characters and stories. With the "treatment" of subjectivity / entity mapped "conversion" to the original, word, seen in perspective "vanishing point" as a reference point "pro-of-knowledge", and the starting point of historical intelligence (humanitarian properties).

Keywords: intrigue, narrative, value, conversion, reversibility, mimesis, chronology, poetics, Time, eurythmy
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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