Статья 'Логос и логика: учение Н. О. Лосского и П. А. Флоренского как альтернатива диалектике и наследие лейбницеанской монадологии и логики ' - журнал 'Философская мысль' - NotaBene.ru
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Philosophical Thought

Logos and logic: the doctrine N.O. Lossky and P.A Florensky as an alternative to dialectics and heritage monadology and logic of Leibniz's scholl.

Boltaevskii Andrei Andreevich

PhD in History

associate professor of the Department of Philosophical and Socio-Humanitarian Disciplines at Moscow State University of Food Production

129085, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Godovikova, 9, stroenie 25

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Pryadko Igor' Petrovich

PhD in Cultural Studies

Docent, political and social sciences department, Moscow State University of Civil Engineering

129337, Russia, Moscow, Yaroslavskoe Shosse st., 26

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In their works russian scientists pay much attention to logic, but they had different ideas about the problems of this science. Special stumbling block for Lossky and Florensky was the logic and ontology of Leibniz. For the first reference to the creator of the differential calculus is necessary in order to show the inconsistency of the attacks on the fundamental laws of logic on the part of Hegel and his followers. Philosopher considers monadology of German scientist to be fruitful. Florensky counters the metaphysics of Leibniz to Kantianism. In monadology of Leibniz he sees the last of the philosophical systems having support in the Platonic idealism. Both emphasize that the doctrine of Hanover philosopher does not fit into the paradigm of European rationalism. It is not possible to understand without taking into account the Greek tradition of Plato-Aristotle of wisdom.In their work the authors rely on the comparative-historical method in the study of logic and debate around a picture of scientific thinking. Lossky and Florensky, as well as other religious thinkers have been involved in the social debate and this, among other things, promote the development of Russian thinkers in the field of applied logic. The logic in social practice serves as a tool to solve problems and challenges that arise at different stages of development of science, education and culture. It sets the allowable limits within which made discussions and debates. And since social life itself is polemical, it is the essence of the elements in the atmosphere which the decision-making proces. It is the logic and its laws contribute to the definition of design concepts, armed members of socially significant disputes - spiritual authorities XIX-XX centuries. and public figures, historians, linguists, and other representatives of academcial science, journalists and writers.

Keywords: intuition, truth, substance, logic, Florensky, Lossky, history of philosophy, will, monad, Leibniz
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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