Статья 'Модернистская «критика культуры» и диалектика «культурного-посткультурного-интеркультурного»' - журнал 'Философская мысль' - NotaBene.ru
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Philosophical Thought

Modernistic 'Critics of Culture' and Dialectics of the 'Cultural - Post-Cultural - Inter-Cultural'

Belyaev Vadim Alekseevich

PhD in Philosophy

Temporarily unemployed

125364, Russia, g. Moscow, pr-d Parusnyi, 9, kv.63

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Abstract: The main objective of this work is to consider a modernist style as to "the critic of culture". I will understand change as "culture criticism" like sociocultural construction in relation to traditional as which realization it is possible to consider the medieval European world. I will allocate two intensions of "criticism of culture": intra cultural (post-cultural) and inter-culture. The post-cultural project, result of the second intension – the intercultural project has to become result of the first intension. And their realization I am going to show logic of creation of these projects in the most general plan. The intra cultural aspect will accent all connected with individual freedom. "Culture" in this intension of criticism will look way of stealing of individual freedom of the person. Therefore "the person who is cultural believing" will be the main object in this criticism. As a positive the project world whole only on the basis of individual freedom will be developed. The Interkulturny aspect of criticism will accent those a consequence of "a cultural polaganiye" which generate division of mankind into the "cultural" worlds denying each other. This intension will build as a positive the project world whole on the basis of "universal", "inter-cultural" values. Difficult relations in design of "post-culture" and "inter-culture", attempts of restoration of "cultural" sociocultural constructions throughout the new European history make that I called dialectics of the "cultural-post-cultural-inter-cultural". I am going to show this dialectics in the most general plan. I will begin the analysis with analysis of Kant philosophy of the religion stated in "Religions within only reason". I will interpret Kant's philosophy as extremely bright expression of "criticism of culture". In Kant's this sense it will be one of ideologists of the modernist style, accurately expressed its main intensions. I will try to open through action in development of its philosophy which will begin with radical "critics of culture", and will come to the end with attempts of return of certain "cultural" principles – cultural remissions. I also will deliver to his critic of religion in prospect of this through action. I will show as far as at its philosophy there are post-cultural and inter-cultural intensions of "criticism of culture" and the dialectics of the 'cultural-post-cultural-inter-cultural'. The analysis of the phenomena of "eternal fascism" and "eternal cultural sensitivity" will be the main thing in disclosure of this dialectics as it is realized in the body of the new European world. Both that and other phenomenon will be connected with the front of cultural remissions of the XX century which can be considered as the answer to the all-European wave after the ambassador of World War I. Especially it belongs to a phenomenon of "eternal fascism" which I will cut out as extremely rigid expression of "an eternal cultural sensitivity".If as a whole to consider a modernist style as expansion "critics of culture", being realized in the philosophical and ideological plan and in the body of the European world, the logician of expansion of post-cultural and inter-cultural intensions of this criticism, the logician of multi-scale and various kickbacks to "cultural" architecture of the person, the logician of new waves of post-cultural and inter-cultural intensions of criticism in response to kickbacks and will make modernist dialectics of "cultural-post-cultural-inter-cultural".

Keywords: critics of culture, post-culture, inter-culture, Kant, eternal fascism, eternal cultural sensitivity, cultural remissions, dialectics of the cultural-post-cultural-inter-cul, ideology of Modern, logics of Modern
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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