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Historical Roots of Dramatic Poetry

Spektor David Mikhailovich

PhD in Architecture

Docent, the department of Architecture, Moscow State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering

109451 Russia, Moscow, 3-ya Kabelnaya 1

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Abstract: In this article the treatment according to which scenic action in one way or another "displays" is analyzed deeply implanted in classical philosophy or "expresses" life, the tragedy and the comedy act as typical forms of such reflection — as well as typical forms of expressiveness which the limelight gives often to the banal vital phenomena – "condensing" them, rejecting routine, not typical and minor, and exposing most "essential" on the foreground.Overcoming of the general metafizichnost and spirit of Education induces to address to real historical roots of tragic action. Removal it from under exclusive aegis of a panlogizm allows to plan the real bases of poetics. As the main method thus acts the historical reconstruction in no small measure connected with search and the statement of "basis", in which real and historical conditions of an origin still directly visible. They, according to the author, are connected with initiation of a special condition of ecstasy (in a number of researches identified with a spiritualizing), releasing its testing from influence of the instincts which indissolubly binding existence with are (isolated) life - in - a body. Framework similar experience caused emergence of special (virtual) reality – as realities of possible interactions (opposite reality of coexistence of ranks of the separate isolated beings and sushchnost). Universality of human life forms such space of opportunities creating beings from the endured - the relations (for example, such subject, as a community – earlier in the nature not existing)

Keywords: poetry of tragedy, comedy, satiric drama, Dionysus cult, catharsis, theory of drama, ritual, sacrifice, laughter, theory of economic compassion
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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