Статья 'Критика религиозного разума Ю.Хабермаса как часть критики культурного разума' - журнал 'Философская мысль' - NotaBene.ru
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Philosophical Thought

Criticism of religious mind of J. Habermas as part of criticism of cultural mind.

Belyaev Vadim Alekseevich

PhD in Philosophy

Temporarily unemployed

125364, Russia, g. Moscow, pr-d Parusnyi, 9, kv.63

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Abstract: This article presents critical analysis of the article by J. Habermas "Religious tolerance  - the pacemaker for cultural rights". On one hand the author analyzes the strategy of cultural tolerance, which according to J. Habermas starts with the religious toleration mindset and it is finally reflected in the logic of the modern constitutional democratic society. On the other hand, the author continues his discussion with J. Habermas by speaking of the theory of interculture as a social and cultural strategy for the formation of the new European world.  Finally, the discussion concerns the logic of formation of the new European social and cultural area in the perspective of a widely perceived tolerance program, which in turn is widened to the extent of the logic of formation of interculturalism.  The author regards the position of J. Habermas as continuation of Kant's criticism of the rational mind, and considers it possible to add to his range of ethical terms the system of terms and connections, which allows for uniting the widely interpreted tolerance strategy with the elements of the European culture, which are expressed by the terms "naturalism" and "rationalism".  With such a widened understanding of the tolerance program the new European naturalism and rationalism are connected by the inner logic with the strategy of peaceful co-existence of variety of cultural worlds. They turn out to be the consequence of the direction towards the tolerant formation of the common world to live in.  In this sense, regarding the new European world as an embodiment of the "criticism of cultural mind" the author regards the position of J. Habermas as part of this criticism.

Keywords: culture, religion, tolerance, naturalism, rationalism, ethics, cognition, science, democracy, interculture
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

Khabermas Yu. Mezhdu naturalizmom i religiei. M., 2011.
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