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Spektor D.M. - Time and Text (Continuation of "Ways of Golem") pp. 93-107


Abstract: The subject of the research is represented by the reference- mimesis- story relationship previously traced based on the analysis of the text of P. Ricoeur's "Time and Narrative" and continued based on the material of the 2d volume. The study develops the idea of the narration time in its difference from chronological. "Compression" and "stretch" are given in connection with the modes of narrative time, in turn, binds to the archetypal ritual structures. The study focused objective review of mimesis adopted since Aristotle as the exclusive foundation of the narrative.The research method based analysis and reconstruction of the concepts of "mimesis and scheming" in the treatment "of the past and the future." With the chronological structure of the time compared his discursive markup.The scientific novelty of the research is to develop a narrative concept of time; its structural markup compared with the referent. Reconstruction of the last allowed to outline the ways of constructing the theory of time in the form of treatment of emotional and ecstatic (compression) and reflective (stretching) and reinterpret the traditional categories of the past and the future in the light of the concept.
Spektor D.M. - Mission of the comic pp. 143-224


Abstract: In article various aspects and forms of comic action are considered. Sources of comic ambivalence, mixture within the ancient comedy of cheerfulness and gloating are designated, comic and demonic began. Reveal including various forms of the comic: craziness, parody, satire, wit and humor. The nature of the comic is compared with the nature tragic, including in respect of their ontology. Their general sources — appeals to πάθη, and sources of their distinctions are established. The appeal to ontology allows to conclude a reference in a framework agona-oppositions of life unity and life game, concluded in transition from "reference" to "mystery", mimesis and a narrative in their ontological legitimacy and conditionality. The method of research is connected with a consecutive reduction comic to its historical bases; in its course sources and changes of a reference (competitive fight) are compared with their maintenance (evolution of the marriage unions). Internal overlapping of a reference is given to communication with overlapping of a reference and its attendant of game mimesis. Scientific novelty of research consists in establishment of mission comic, concluded in ontological pluralism, or the way of life including transitions between its childbirth. Life as exclusive and patrimonial resists to itself as the known integrity specified as concerning the game nature of transitions (between various childbirth of life), and aesthetic and art "unity" of a reference and mimesis narrative.
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