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Rolgayzer A.A. - Syntactic Tools of Suggestion in an Advertising Text (the Case Study of French Advertisement) pp. 143-148


Abstract: The subject of the research is the syntatic tools of suggestive influence in an advertising text. As a special form of communication, advertisement has been widely practised in a modern world and has a direct effect on both human mind and his or her language. Syntactic organisation of an advertising slogan plays an important role in the process of creating the suggestive effect which is one of the main goals of advertisement as it is. In certain cases, this is the structure of an expression that has a crucial meaning for performing a suggestive effect. In the course of this research Rolgaizer has used a complex method that is based on the functional approach to studying language and includes the inductive method as a direct observation of the research object and determination of certain regularities in the language as well as the method of contectual analysis. The scientific novelty of the research is caused by the fact that the author of the article makes an attempt to define and describe syntactic mechanisms of the suggestive influence in the structure of an advertising text. The problem of suggestive influece has been widely studied in the psychological literature, however, it still remains understudied from the point of view of the linguistic elements of the suggestive influence. Thus, linguistic methods that are used in an advertising text in order to influence a consumer's choice, are of special interest. 
Maiba V.V. - pp. 184-193


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