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Bykova N.I. - The Problem of Worldview and Social Adaptation in the Novel by Milan Kundera "The Unbearable Lightness of Being" pp. 52-63


Abstract: The subject of study is a novel of contemporary novelist Milan Kundera "The unbearable lightness of being". The object of research is problems raised by the writer, in particular, the problem of attitude with the characters and social adaptation. The author in detail investigates the images of the main characters, especially the composition and the main ideas of the novel, allowing to understand the issues. We study the question of the relationship of the narrator, characters and author. Special attention is given to reminiscences, among them the myth of king Oedipus, the interpretation of which is important for understanding the mindset of the characters. The main methods of this study are comparative historical and analytical. Analyzes proposed by the writer of philosophical concepts and moral and ethical. Scientific novelty of the article lies in the fact that the question of the worldview of the heroes of the novel "the Unbearable lightness of being" in relation to the image of the narrator, philosophical and ethical concepts in detail not investigated. This novel is very important for understanding of creativity of M. Kundera, because, on the one hand, it marked the most important human problems associated with the choice of life, "body and soul"; on the other hand, this work is one of the most widely read in the works of the writer, because the serious problems of a philosophical worldview revealed through human values.
Koptseva N.P. - On the Question about Means of Representation of the Ideological Space of Renaissance in Dante Alighieri's Vita Nyova pp. 66-77


Abstract: Object of research - the work of the great master Dante Alighieri of Vita Nyova, the first work of the poet having difficult genre accessory. In the text of Vita Nyova of Dante Alighieri are combined outlook of "the medieval person" and "person Renessans". The main objective of research consisted in pointing to some concrete forms of this combination in Vita Nyova. The philosophy of Love of Dante Alighieri is built as an indissoluble combination of poetry and philosophy, as transformation of human love in immortal divine love. In the Vita Nyova center of Dante Alighieri - transformation of abstract and theological theses about immortality of soul alive and an ekstazny form of transformation of the mortal person in immortal. The main method of research - germenevtichesky procedures in relation to Vita Nyova. Identification of symbolical complexes which contain in the text of Vita Nyova. Scientific novelty of research is connected with the instruction on concrete features of a genre, images, citings, the plots stated in Vita Nyova of Dante Alighieri and pointing to transition from medieval outlook to Renessans's outlook. The concept "Renaissance" is considered not only as "Revival of the Antique cult of the sensual world", but also as "Revival of human soul", search of ways of finding by human soul of real divine immortality. The master Renessans was looked for and found the forms for new ways of revival and release of human soul in line with Christian tradition.
Aleksandrova T. - pp. 143-153


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