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Hu R. - The Image Function of a Sports Event on the Example of the Opening of the 2022 Olympic Games in Beijing pp. 1-11



Abstract: The article examines the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games as a media event and analyzes its important role in strengthening national identity and shaping the national image of China in the new era. The subject of the study is the influence of the 2022 Olympics in the formation of the internal image of the People's Republic of China, the object of the study is the coverage of the Chinese media on the 2022 Olympics. Particular attention is paid to the fact that the analysis of the frequency of the vocabulary of Chinese media coverage of this event, and at the same time, the updates and promotion of the image of the People's Republic of China in the Chinese media in coverage of the 2022 Olympics were analyzed. The study used methods of content analysis of publications in the media and methods of comparison, generalization and statistical analysis of the collected data. The frequency of keywords in the texts of publications was also analyzed to determine the direction of the agenda of the Chinese media when covering the 2022 Olympics. According to the analysis, we found that as part of the coverage of the Olympics, the Chinese media paid the greatest attention to the meeting of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, which was aimed at transforming and updating the image of China in a new era.The author concludes that at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in 2022, China clearly showed elements of the national image, culture, endowed the image of China with a new meaning. Using laconic symbols and details with special moments to represent modern China, the organizers of the event were able to convey to the community the concept and culture of the People's Republic of China in a new era and allowed to more accurately capture the national image.And this solemn event introduced the image of China into the consciousness of its people as a responsible and unified world power, as a country advocating the aesthetics of minimalism, possessing advanced technologies. Thus, the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games has successfully fulfilled the function of promoting the national image within China.
Baranova E.A., Bocharov I.I. - The problem of implementing the cultural-forming function in the Russian media pp. 1-14



Abstract: In the context of the development of the information and ideological war between Russia and the West, the role of the media in the formation of cultural values is increasing. It is directly related to ensuring national security. One of the most important problems of our time is related to the fact that culture in the media has ceased to be a powerful tool for shaping the value system of society. The article analyzes stories published during the period from December 2022 to May 2023 in the thirteen most cited Russiabn media (,,,,,,,,,, Aif .ru,, Approximately 2,000 stories related to the topic of "culture" in these media were analyzed. The stories were analyzed for compliance with the culture-forming function, which consists in promoting and disseminating high cultural values in society, educating the masses on samples of global culture, contributing to the comprehensive humanistic development of man. The authors come to the conclusion that 1) samples of high, elite culture rarely come to the attention of the media. In stories on cultural topics, gossip, rumors, events from the life of show business stars are replicated. 2) On some media sites, there is no culture section at all. In the field of view of the reader who goes to the websites, cultural news rarely falls. 3) The same names appear in the news about culture, famous personalities from the world of show business predominate, and there is not a word about new, young, talented artists. 4) Culture on media sites covers large-scale events, Hollywood premieres, but news about regional festivals, the achievements of creative individuals, and folk crafts rarely get into the headings. 5) Culture on media sites is being replaced by entertainment.
Shafir T.V., Kulakova D.V., Nikonov S.B. - The historical aspect of the transformation of the International Union of Journalists pp. 1-10



Abstract: The scientific article is a study on the history of the creation of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ). The article presents an analysis of the history of the creation and development of the IFJ. The authors pay special attention to the reasons and prerequisites underlying the emergence of the International Federation of Journalists, as well as expand the data on the creation of the IFJ. The study draws attention to the circumstances that led to the establishment of the IFJ in the post-war period. Special attention is paid to the influence of geopolitical factors on the formation and development of the organization. The consideration of the reasons for the split of the MOJ includes differentiated approaches and strategies adopted by various participating countries, in particular, in the context of the professional activities of journalists. The data on the current state of affairs of the Russian Union of Journalists as part of the International Federation of Journalists are presented.The research methods used include historical analysis: the study of historical documents, archival materials, protocols of congresses related to the creation and development of the IFJ. A content analysis of the texts of articles, statements and reports related to organizations was carried out in order to identify key topics, approaches and dynamics in their activities. The novelty of this study lies in the fact that there are very few such materials in the scientific literature devoted to the history of journalism in Russia, and they mainly concerned the regions of Russia and the development of regional journalism. The main conclusion of this study is the understanding that currently non-governmental international organizations formed on the principles of professionalism are changing and becoming similar to political organizations, which in turn can lead to a split in these organizations and the termination of their existence. After Russia launched a special military operation in February 2022, the unions of journalists of Finland, Norway, Denmark and Iceland announced their intention to leave IFJ due to the presence of the national Union of Journalists of the Russian Federation in it. In February 2023, despite the fact that the organization claims that it is not connected with politics, but is exclusively engaged in protecting the rights of journalists, the IFJ "froze" the membership of the Russian Federation in the organization. It will be possible to return to the issue of Russia's return to work as part of the International Federation of Journalists only in 2026, if necessary.
Mrug K.V. - On the issue of defining the concepts of image and PR texts in the modern media space pp. 10-16



Abstract: The subject of this article is the image and business reputation, which are largely determined by a huge corpus of various image and PR texts created daily within the framework of numerous mass media. The purpose of the work is to give definitions of the concepts of image and PR texts in the modern media space, to determine their similarities and differences through content and discourse analysis of materials of scientific periodicals. Socio-political, social and economic media texts in the Russian media space have many distinctive linguistic and non-linguistic features due to the national specifics and social development of our country. Reputation is often formed not only by image media texts, but also by a number of other types of texts represented in mass media with image potential. The scientific novelty of the study lies in the fact that with the existing problem of typologization of media texts, the hypothesis is introduced that PR texts in their broad sense are nothing more than a subgroup of image media texts present in the media field of the main spheres journalism, advertising and PR activities. The author comes to the conclusion that the instability and dynamism of the terminological apparatus gives a certain "freedom" of action when selecting research material. The ways in which image specialists work and the genre nature of image media texts themselves have become much more complicated. Image media texts can be considered as journalistic text, advertising text, PR text.
Kunic Z., Muzykant V.L. - The image of Serbia in the Russian media in terms of language techniques and its impact on bilateral relations between the two states in the era of the Covid-19 pandemic (2020-2022) pp. 12-20


Abstract: The purpose of this study is to get an idea of the peculiarities of the perception of Serbia by the Russian media and to identify the linguistic and cultural features of its image created in the Russian media space. The scientific novelty of the study lies in the fact that no analysis of the linguistic characteristics of the image of Serbia in the Russian media has been carried out before in science. In particular, for the first time, based on the materials of the Russian media, the linguistic features of the creation of the image of Serbia and the main categories of the linguoculture of the Russian language used in this process are investigated. As a result of the study, the nature of Serbia's image reflected in the Russian media was not only determined, but also the main lexical techniques used in this process were identified. The purpose of this study is to get an idea of the peculiarities of the perception of Serbia by the Russian media and to identify the linguistic and cultural features of its image created in the Russian media space. The scientific novelty of the study lies in the fact that no analysis of the linguistic characteristics of the image of Serbia in the Russian media has been carried out before in science. In particular, for the first time, based on the materials of the Russian media, the linguistic features of the creation of the image of Serbia and the main categories of the linguoculture of the Russian language used in this process are investigated. As a result of the study, the nature of Serbia's image reflected in the Russian media was not only determined, but also the main lexical techniques used in this process were identified.
Shuiskaya Y.V., Aref'ev N.A., Vlasova M.V., Shestov N.A. - Media management of corporate university media in the USA as a public relations tool of a university (using the example of Ivy League University media) pp. 13-25



Abstract: The subject of the study is the university press of US universities that are part of the so-called "Ivy League" - an informal association of the oldest higher education institutions in the country. The object of the research is the media management of corporate media of universities as a tool of public relations among students, graduates and potential applicants. The authors consider in detail such aspects of the topic as ways of forming an individual profile of a particular media outlet, as well as its contribution to the image of a particular university. Particular attention is paid to the formation of the content of university media and their interaction with the traditional media system, as well as options for their development in a broader media profile. The main conclusions of the study are the data obtained during the comparison of Ivy League university press samples on the patterns of formation of the image of a typical student and a graduate of a university. A special contribution of the authors to the research of the topic is the development of specific recommendations on the media management of corporate publications on the example of the university press, which can be applied in domestic practice. The novelty of the research lies in the generalization of the media practices of the university press of the USA and the formulation of recommendations for creating the image of a student, graduate and teacher on the pages of the university press. Also of particular interest is the practice of creating a modern convergent media based on the traditional format of the press that has existed since the XIX century.
Semenova V.S., Lazutova N.M. - To the formation of ethnic image in the media: an attempt at periodization pp. 15-25



Abstract: The article studies the process of modeling of ethnic image in the Russian media space. The media texts of the "Argumenty i Fakty" portal were used as empirics. The aim is to create a periodization for studying the processes of media communication in the formation of national image. The article reveals linguistic and stylistic peculiarities of the content and specificity of emotional and evaluative elements of the format of AiF journalistic materials about representatives of Caucasian ethnic groups, and states the presence of destructive stereotypes in media texts. The relevance of the material is explained by the negative consequences of interethnic confrontations, including those caused by conflictogenic texts in the media of the late twentieth century. The methodology of historical-semantic and cognitive-metaphorical analysis was applied, which revealed the linguistic structures at the basis of the formation of the audience's attitude towards the Caucasian peoples. After the collapse of the USSR, journalists used the construction "us and them", indirectly formed a negative reputation of national minorities, created barriers to their integration into the Russian identity, thus increasing socio-psychological tension in society, increasing social distance, influencing the processes of discrimination and isolation of the peoples of the Caucasus. In the modern global practice of convergence, "subject-to-subject" processes of mass communications, the influential potential of broadcast content has increased manifold. State control over the editorial policy of mass media should be strengthened, and personal responsibility of professional journalists for their work should be actualized. It is also necessary to support media education initiatives to increase the media literacy of the media audience. The results of the study can be used to rethink strategies for creating and promoting ethnic content.
Malakhovskaya V.V., Solyanina A.P. - Film Reviews Dedicated to "Cinéma du Look" - High-Quality Russian Film Criticism (on the Example of the Magazines "Session" and "Art of Cinema") pp. 20-34



Abstract: The subject of the research is critical publications in the Russian editions "Session" and "The Art of Cinema", dedicated to the direction of French cinema "cinéma du look". The object of the study is the modern Russian mass media. The relevance of the article is determined by the need to study the state of modern Russian media professionally covering the problems of cinema, including its specific directions. The authors consider in detail the film reviews of two leading Russian professional magazines about cinema devoted to the direction of French cinema "cinéma du look", which significantly influenced not only cinema, but also reflected in the fashion industry and video production.The scientific novelty of this study is determined by the choice of materials about "cinéma du look" as the object of research. The main contribution of the authors to the research of the topic is a complete sample for the purpose of content analysis of all materials of the 1990s-2000s. magazines "Session" and "Art of Cinema" dedicated to "cinéma du look". As a result of the conducted research, the authors came to the conclusion that "The Session" and "The Art of Cinema" retain their reputation as highly professional magazines about cinema, find a place for serious reviews of such a specific direction of French cinema as "cinéma du look". In general, both magazines positively assess this cinematic direction, noting its contribution to the development of modern commercial and author's cinema.
Chichina M.O., Grigorieva N.A. - Linguoculturological and lexical analysis by article of A.N. Tolstoy "Motherland" pp. 26-41



Abstract: The purpose of the research is a linguocultural and lexical analysis of the article "Homeland" by the famous Russian Soviet writer A.N. Tolstoy. The method of complex analysis of the literary text allowed the authors of the scientific work to identify words, phrases, sentences, the semantics of which are most significant for understanding the essence of Alexey Tolstoys article. To designate these ideological and semantic "staples" of any fiction or journalistic text, the authors of this study introduce a scientific definition of "lexico-semantic milestones" for the first time in linguoculturology. The authors determined the structure of the article "Homeland", revealed the genre originality of each of the three parts of the text. The results of the work on the study of the writer's idiosyncrasy allowed us to conclude that Alexey Nikolaevich Tolstoy, a master of the word, skillfully combined several styles of speech in one text at once: laconic newspaper-journalistic and fiction, including elements of colloquial style of speech, all this allowed him to achieve the greatest expressiveness of the text. This scientific research may be of interest not only to linguists, linguoculturologists, literary critics, researchers of the artistic style of A.N. Tolstoy, but also to the teachers of Russian as a foreign language.
Yang H. - Coverage of the Theme "One Belt and One Road" in the Media, on the Example of the TASS Agency pp. 27-35



Abstract: The subject of this article is the media coverage of the topic "One Belt and One Road". The object of the study is the publications of the TASS news agency. The author analyzes the initiative from the perspective of the development of relations between the two countries and how it is reflected in the media. The media perception of this initiative has changed from superficial and one-sided to deep and comprehensive, and the focus of attention has expanded from economic interests to national security; proposals to participate in the construction of the "Belt and Road" at the present stage are becoming more and more pragmatic. The aim is to analyze the coverage of the topic in the Russian news agency. Methodology - content analysis of information messages. Novelty of the research - at the moment there is a lack of a large number of studies on the coverage of this topic in a particular media. It can be concluded that it is necessary to continue to promote cooperation in the field of production capacity, infrastructure construction and communication, industrial modernization and economic development issues. Today, Russia and China are actively promoting the docking of National Development Strategies until 2030 with the Belt and Road Initiative. Against this background, a study of the level of awareness and changing characteristics of the Belt and Road by the news agency may provide some thoughts and recommendations for further interaction. The results of the study can be applied to analyze the work and prospects and directions of development of the two countries within the framework of the initiative.
Gao D. - The key syntactic peculiarities of the Chinese newspaper-journalistic style pp. 29-38


Abstract: The subject of this research is the syntactic of journalistic style of the Chinese language. The object is the Chinese media texts of newspaper-journalistic style. The relevance of this topic is substantiated by the fact that although Chinese media system is rapidly developing and requires the knowledge of stylistic patterns, the newspaper-journalistic style remains poorly studied. The examination of newspaper-journalistic style is also important in translation from Chinese to other languages. The goal of this research consists in the analysis of syntactic peculiarities of journalistic style of the Chinese language. The author aims to examine the principles of syntactic construction of the Chinese media text; determine the ratio of simple and complex syntactic constructions in the Chinese media text; analyze the peculiarities of most common sentences of this style. The novelty lies in the summary of syntactic peculiarities of newspaper-journalistic style of the Chinese language based on the analysis of the types of sentences, syntactic constructions, and sentence components. The theoretical importance of the study consists in formulation of the key syntactic peculiarities of this style in the Chinese language. The practical significance lies in the acquired results that would be valuable for creating Chinese media texts and improving the quality of translations of such texts into other languages. The conducted research demonstrates that the newspaper-journalistic style of the Chinese language has its characteristic linguistic properties, the knowledge of which ensures better understanding of the Chinese media texts. The Chinese newspaper-journalistic style often features the special syntactic expressive means, which stir the interest of the readers, and perform the basic function of the texts – broadcast of information.
Babkina E.S. - Mass media of the indigenous peoples of the Far East: the history of origin and current state pp. 36-48


Abstract: The purpose of the article is to study the history of the emergence of the mass media of the indigenous peoples of the Far East and their current state. The author examines the factors of formation, functions and purpose, formal and substantive features, the main trends in the development of mass media of the indigenous peoples of the Far East in the context of the political, economic and socio-cultural situation of the XIX - XXI centuries. The geography of the study covers the entire Far Eastern Federal District and includes an analysis of the content of ethnic media operating on the territory of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), the Republic of Buryatia, the Khabarovsk Territory, the Sakhalin Region and other subjects of the Far Eastern region. The research, being philological in essence, is based on an interdisciplinary approach, synthesizing knowledge of various sciences: theory and history of journalism, ethnography, ethnology, cultural studies. General scientific methods (descriptive-analytical, system description, classification construction method), as well as special methods (historical, comparative, content analysis method), elements of the synchronic and diachronic method were used as the main research methods. The history of the formation of ethnic media and the problem-thematic originality of the national media of the Far Eastern region have not yet become the object of a comprehensive study of domestic scientists. The novelty of the work consists in a comprehensive study of the mass media of the indigenous peoples of the Far East in the historical and typological aspect, clarifying the qualitative characteristics of the Far Eastern media in the context of the formation of an actual structure of regional journalism.
Li Y. - Dynamics of changes in the psychosocial characteristics of online media consumers under the influence of official information and rumors about COVID-19 pp. 36-44



Abstract: The purpose of this study is to study changes in the psychosocial characteristics of network users who spread online rumors on during the pandemic COVID19. Special attention is paid to the psychological reaction of consumers to reports of pandemic in the context of infodemi. The subject is the peculiarities of the dissemination and perception of official information and rumors about the pandemic in network media. The object is information about the pandemic on two Chinese network platforms that posts with label "rumors". The research methods were Internet monitoring and statistical analysis. The entire early stage of pandemic is included in the research period (from January to March 2020). The author's special contribution is the analysis of the impact of social networks on the psychological state of consumers and the formation of public consciousness in the context of an infodemi generated by mass and contradictory information COVID-19. The main conclusions are the need to take into account changes in the mental states of the audience and communicative behavior in information activities, depending on the stage of attitude to the event, pragmatic motives and social interaction. Different requirements should be imposed on the information disseminated at different stages, taking into account the psychological state of the audience, also the existence of various languages of consciousness used by an individual in cognitive and emotional manifestations. Government departments can appropriately publish, clarify and disclose reliable and useful information in a timely manner to prevent the spread of rumors. The scientific novelty consists in analyzing the cognitive and emotional reactions of the mass audience to the flow of information about COVID-10 in all periods, deepening media experts' understanding of the relationship between the behavior of users and the spread of disinformation, determining approaches to developing strategies to combat rumors on the Internet.
Mustapha M., Agyei S. - The era of information pollution: new definition of news production in Nigeria pp. 39-44


Abstract: This article explores the possibility of redefining professional news production in order to suspend the disseminators of disinformation. For achieving this goal, the author examined the areas of the likely distortion of information: headlines and editors of online news. Headlines play the key role within information ecosystem, since they can deceive the audience. This is acquired by using arresting phrases to draw attention of the audience. It is determined that some editors of online news do not observe certain ethical standards, and thus, post articles without verifying the accuracy of the material. It is noted that politicians have infiltrated the online media space, which affects that the editors choose what to post. It is recommended that headlines should not only be attractive, but also written in a way not to deceive the audience, as well as the extent of influence of the political figures upon media agenda should be established. And ultimately, the people who have no experience in journalism, should be trained by an experienced journalist in order to minimize the information pollution common to the era of Internet and social networks.
Abilkenova V., Galt L.Y. - The specifics of the coverage of the topic of creative industries in federal and district media pp. 43-57



Abstract: The subject of the study is the specifics of the coverage of the topic of creative industries in federal and district media. The object of the research is creative industries as a subject of journalistic creativity. In our country, there is an increasing interest in the field of creative industries, as a sector of the economy that has high development opportunities. In this regard, the role of journalism is also increasing, which not only informs readers about this area, but also attracts the attention of investors, the state, and business to it. Therefore, an effective presentation of the topic of creative industries on the pages of the media is a fairly new and urgent task for both federal and regional communities. Moscow and the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug Yugra are currently examples of successful development of the creative industries in the country. The article analyzes the materials published in the newspapers "Evening Moscow", "Arguments and Facts", "News of Ugra" and "Arguments and Facts Ugra" from October 2022 to May 2023. The authors come to the conclusion that 1) in the federal media, when choosing a genre, preference is given to such a genre as news, the main goal is to entertain the reader, to demonstrate the level of support for local initiatives by the authorities. 2). In the district media, on the contrary, creative industries are often covered in the genre of reportage, immersing the reader in a creative atmosphere, familiarity occurs not only with the product, but also with the process of its creation, with the emotions that interaction with the product gives. 3). In the federal media, there is a tendency to focus on the consumer properties of the creative product, the profitability indicators of the project, the possibilities of using the product in a new area, compliance with trends. 4). There is a tendency in the district media to increase interest in local projects that are based on historical and cultural heritage and art.
Rastorgueva N., Panina Y., Orekhova E. - Specifics of media coverage of anti-government protests in Cuba (2021) pp. 46-54



Abstract: The article is devoted to revealing the features of coverage of the Anti-Government demonstrations in Cuban information space in July 2021. They began due to the social and economic crisis. According to the Cuban government, the crisis was caused by sanctions from the USA. On the other hand, the opposition considers that it is the consequence of the communist dictatorship reigning in the country. The authors of the article set themselves the goal of investigating media interpretations of the events as in the traditional media controlled by the state, and in the specific social and communication environment of the Internet space. Having analyzed the publications of the largest Cuban mass media, such as the newspaper Granma and portal Cubadabate, as well as the materials of social networks, the authors have come to the conclusion that the massive spread of the Internet in 2018 marked the beginning of gradual changes in the media landscape of the country: social media have become an alternative source of information that has influenced the Cuban social and political life. They have served as social organizers not only online but also offline when having the popularity and taking a new platform for the promotion of anti-government ideas. One of the examples of its phenomenon were the protests on July 11, 2021, which have become a new challenge to the political leadership of a country that has been fighting the US economic blockade for decades.
Liu X. - The TV series "Symphonic Novel" in the Aspect of its Narrative Specificity pp. 52-65



Abstract: The article is devoted to the problem of the formation of narrative qualities in the South Korean television series "Symphonic Novel" (Russian version) as in the journalistic product of media communication. Based on a comprehensive analysis, the author comes to the conclusion that in the TV series "Symphonic Novel", the narrative modality is formed in the TV series together with lyricism as a system of principles and views that are displayed in the plot. Narrative becomes an important distinguishing characteristic of the TV series "Symphonic Novel", which allows it to become a unique and effective tool for influencing foreign (Russian-speaking) audiences in order to form a stable positive perception of South Korean culture and the South Korean state as a whole. The relevance of studying a television series as a way of forming a country image does not decrease due to its specific role in the formation of certain ideological attitudes that enhance its socio-cultural significance. The issue of the narrative of the TV series is also relevant due to its particular popularity among a wide audience. So, in the interaction of the audience with the content of the TV series "Symphonic Novel", media communication, due to its features publicity and mediation receives specific parameters for the image of the author. Narrative discourse, complicated by the narrative instance, begins to obey the laws of the media text, the classical concepts of "plot", "image of the author", etc. they can be interpreted differently through a communicative model. The narrative in the media space is determined by the psychological and social characteristics of the addressee interests and needs, social status, emotional state (now) and personal qualities (always). The final product is also influenced by his ideas about the communicative situation, about himself as a subject of speech, about the direct recipient and random participants of communication, expectations of a perlocative effect (although the latter often lies outside the linguistic reality).
Kuzin A.D. - Media information support of bank's credit activity: themes and key meanings pp. 58-68



Abstract: The article is devoted to the peculiarities of the media information content that accompanies the processes of bank lending. The author examines the key parameters of the credit policy through the prism of their coverage in specialized media texts from the point of view of lexical and semantic meanings. The subject of the study is the peculiarities of understanding the main lexical-semantic units (words and phrases) denoting the criteria and parameters of banking activities related to credit policy, the key concepts of the credit and financial sphere, which constitute the main content of media texts as a terminological and categorical apparatus, are required to be used, when promoting banking credit products, but require clarification for a mass audience in connection with the need to minimize credit risks. The article shows how semantic frames are formed, the most important thematic sections are systematized and keywords and expressions are suggested, including the terminological sphere. The most significant semantic positions have been identified and it has been determined that thematically framed textual media accompaniment, focused on the promotion of lending services, reduction of credit risks and credit information education of the audience, is becoming a critical condition for effective media management in the banking sector today. It has been determined that the media information policy of the bank, related to the text support of lending, should be based on the interpretation of key concepts, their intelligible explanation to the mass audience.
Torubarova T.V., Andreichenko L., Zidan Z.R. - First Ladies of the Middle East: Change of Image in the Global Media pp. 59-69



Abstract: This Article is dedicated to the image of the middle Eastern First Ladies and how it impacts the way people perceive the country itself in the Media. We study the headlines and the coverage in foreign Media dedicated to Asma Assad, Queen Rania of Jordan, Sheikha Mosa, Princess Haya of Dubai. Queen Rania and Sheikha Mosa are considered the True Middle Eastern royalty, they wear the most on point collections by the eastern and European designers, visit Royal households around the world and have friendly parties with the European Royals; whereas Asma, who had been positively accepted years ago, now has ricocheted and makes the impression of the negatively lavish lifestyle. Princess Haya of Dubai is not only royal to the bone, but could defend her name, family and stand up to the cruel, traditional leader of Dubai proving her right to live freely in the British court, which is outstanding for the Eastern civilizations. We are observing the First Ladies as the attitude towards women and their empowerment is changing even in the Muslim countries of the Middle East. Each lady can represent a separate strong personality with the will and free spirit, whilst in the hardest time they stay by their husbands, supporting every hard decision he makes. In the framework of our research, we focus on each lady in the context of the situation she lives in Iconic Rania and Mosa, rebellious Haya and loyal Asma. All four demonstrate the colorful palette of cultures of the modern Middle East.
Murzina O.V., Grabel'nikov A.A., Tsitsinov A.Y. - Online cinemas as new media pp. 61-68



Abstract: The subject of the study is online cinemas (streaming services, streaming platforms), understood by the authors of this study as new media. The object of the study is a set of features of new media, considered on the basis of streaming services on the Russian market. The authors consider in detail such aspects of the topic as the features of the content of online cinemas, their correlation with new media and format television, building a user trajectory of content and the possibility of posting user reviews. Particular attention is paid to the transformation of format television into neotelevision using the tools of modern technologies and the capabilities of convergent online platforms with content diversification. The main conclusions of the study are the classification of online cinemas as an intermediate variant of new media: the renovation of the features of traditional media on a new platform. Unlike traditional cinemas, which do not position themselves as media platforms, online cinemas allow viewing news content, promptly tracking events in the world and at the same time viewing entertainment and educational content in a user-friendly mode. A special contribution of the authors to the study of the topic is an appeal to online cinemas from the perspective of journalism and media, which was not previously presented in Russian science. The novelty of the research lies in the consideration of streaming services as part of the media and as part of a modern media system that includes both fundamentally new media and the renovation of existing formats.
Wang Y. - Nationally oriented automotive marketing in China pp. 64-72


Abstract:   This article examines the specificity of formation of nationally oriented automotive marketing in China. The object of this research is the Chinese nationally oriented automotive marketing, while the subject is verbal and nonverbal means of its creation. Special attention is given to the analysis of the techniques of creating texts for nationally oriented automobile advertising in the Chinese language, in which multimodal means are used for the development of a positive image of the country and impact upon the domestic audience. The goal lies in determination of the specific features of multimodal media characteristic for such type of advertising. The article employs the methods of lexical-semantic and contextual analysis to reveal the linguopragmatic potentials of the text; method of linguoculturological commentary to describe the ethnocultural specificity; method of multimodal discourse analysis to examine the interaction of semiotic complexes in advertising The scientific novelty consists in studying the nationally oriented marketing strategies from the perspective of the theory of multimodality, which requires the analysis of semiotic heterogeneous codes in the advertising text. It is proven that the specificity of multimodal complex in the texts of Chinese nationally oriented automobile marketing manifests on the level of verbal and nonverbal means used therein. This is substantiated by the unique cultural-historical and social factors, as well as the peculiarities of the Chinese linguistic system. The acquired results may find practical implementation in teaching Chinese language, as well as in research on marketing linguistics.  
Chen X. - Television documentaries of the People's Republic of China (using the example of CCTV) pp. 65-73



Abstract: Television documentaries in China, especially on the largest national television channel China Central Television (CCTV), is a unique object of research reflecting a wide range of socio-cultural, political and technological aspects of the development of Chinese society. CCTV is not only an important information and entertainment source, but also a powerful tool for influencing public opinion, forming national identity and promoting public policy. The analysis of the history of the development of television documentaries in China reflects the influence of political events and socio-cultural changes on its evolution. Starting from the early stages of the development of Chinese television, when it served as a tool of state propaganda, and up to the present, when new topics and genres appeared, the study will help to understand how television documentaries have become an important element of cultural heritage and a means of public communication. The organizational structure of CCTV, as a key player in the Chinese media space, plays a significant role in shaping content and influencing public opinion.The method or methodology of the study. The methodology of this study is devoted to a comprehensive analysis of television documentaries in China with an in-depth examination of the example of China Central Television (CCTV). This methodology is based on a comprehensive study of historical, cultural, political and technological aspects of the development of television documentaries in China. The study of television documentaries in China, with a focus on the example of China Central Television (CCTV), provides a significant contribution to understanding the diverse aspects of the formation and impact of this media format in the context of Chinese culture and society. The scientific novelty of this study is manifested in several key aspects. Firstly, an extensive historical analysis reveals the evolution of television documentaries in China over various periods, emphasizing the influence of political changes and socio-cultural factors on its development. Secondly, the structural analysis of CCTV reveals the organizational mechanisms that form documentary projects. Considering the interaction between the structure of the channel and the content of programs makes it possible to understand what factors influence the formation and implementation of documentary initiatives, as well as how these factors are related to public policy. The third important achievement is the thematic analysis, which highlights the main themes and directions of documentary on CCTV.
Kuz'mich S.V. - General characteristics of modern Spanish national newspapers: a brief overview of electronic publications pp. 70-76



Abstract: The subject of this study is the essence and characteristics of the order and process of digitalization of national newspapers in Spain from the point of view of readers' opinions. The purpose of the study is to systematize the most relevant characteristics of the electronic versions of the leading Spanish newspapers from the standpoint of their attractiveness to the reader. The methodology of this study is based on a systematic approach and includes the following methods: analysis of scientific literature on the research topic; content analysis of electronic publications of leading Spanish newspapers; the method of sociological questioning (mini-survey); the method of statistical analysis; the method of comparative analysis for subsequent systematization of the results of empirical research. As a result of the study, the following results were obtained: the level of digital comfort of each publication for readers was revealed based on the data obtained from a mini-survey according to the criteria selected by the author. The scope of application of the research results includes such areas as political journalism, international journalism, digital journalism. The novelty of the research lies in the methodology proposed by the author for analyzing and systematizing the characteristics of national Spanish newspapers. The author of the article came to the following conclusions: the electronic editions of modern Spanish newspapers are characterized by an average level of digital comfort, which is due to the lack of adequate feedback and a differentiated subscription system.
Pavlov D.N. - Fairy Tale Narrative in the Media Environment: Structure and Functions (on the Example of Motivating YouTube Content) pp. 72-84



Abstract: The article puts forward and substantiates the concept of motivating content. On the example of the four most representative videos posted on the You-Tube video platform, its specific features are considered. So, firstly, the specifics of the composition of the analyzed videos are revealed, it is proved that their structure goes back to the narrative archetypes of a fairy tale. Secondly, the order of the narrative elements is determined and the key features of the emerging syntagmatic plot unity are described. Thirdly, the functional specificity of motivating content has been established, which lies in the fact that it performs a psychological and therapeutic function (motivating content helps in resolving a personal psychological crisis, temporarily replacing real psychological help). The method of functional analysis of the fairy tale narrative, developed by V. Propp, serves as a research method. This method is based on the principle of decomposition of a work, which allows you to divide the material into its component parts and analyze the invariant features of the text series. The novelty of the work lies in the fact that it presents a functional analysis of narrative matrices found in media works that perform a psychological and therapeutic function in society. As a result of the study, the author concludes that MC is useful both for the blogger (increase in the audience) and for the viewer (the first, but temporary, psychological and therapeutic help).
Cherednichenko L. - Interactive documentaries: definition of the concept in Russian and foreign studies pp. 79-94



Abstract: The article provides an overview of modern Russian and foreign studies considering the concept of "interactive documentary" (interactive documentary, i-docs, idoc) and related terms: "web documentary" (web documentary, web-doc, webdoc), "interactive documentary". Theoretical foundations are given, approaches to the definition of these concepts are briefly described. The study uses descriptive, informative, comparative and structural-functional methods to solve a scientific problem. The research material was the works of Russian, American, British, Spanish, Turkish and Chinese scientists from 2011-2023. The most common, frequently cited and used definitions were selected for the review. The author of the article draws attention to the terminological uncertainty in the field under study, identifies the problems associated with defining the boundaries of the concept of "interactive documentaries", highlights the most promising aspects in identifying the characteristics of this new phenomenon and outlines directions for further research. As a result of the research, the author comes to the conclusion that due to the multimodality, complexity, openness and dynamism of the form of interactive documentaries, it would be appropriate to designate this phenomenon as a meta-genre. The proposed research lays the prerequisites for further search for the most accurate definition of interactive documentaries, corresponding to the current level of media development, accumulated theoretical and creative experience.
Smekalina K.S. - The trichotomy of the methodology of journalistic activity in the context of a gradual transition to the universalization of the psychological portrait of a journalist pp. 82-91



Abstract: The subject of the study is the relationship of temperament and communicative patterns with the primary experience gained during attending classes, completing assignments and passing practice. The object of the study is the personal characteristics of potential journalists in correlation with their professional experience and identified difficulties. The author examines in detail such aspects of the topic as the likelihood that journalism students experience problems with interpersonal communication during their professional activities and collecting material, as well as how this correlates with their psychological type. A special opinion is given to the consideration of the ratio of representatives of various psychological types among journalism students of 1-4 undergraduate courses. The main conclusions of the conducted research are: adaptation in the training and work of a journalist depends on the type of his psychological predisposition; according to the results of the conducted research, more than 60% of students of journalists experience difficulties in collecting information; distribution and emphasis on methods of collecting information regarding the commitment of a journalist to a particular activity is determined by the results of the conducted research. A special contribution of the author in the study of the topic is the consideration of the ratio of representatives of various psychological types among journalism students of 1-4 undergraduate courses. The novelty of the research lies in the establishment of the need to orient the methodology of journalistic activity on the psychological predisposition of a journalist to its implementation.
Liu X. - TV Series as a Value Barometer of Image Media pp. 83-94



Abstract: The article is devoted to the peculiarities of the functioning of the television series genre within the framework of the development of modern mass screen media culture. The author conducts a thorough analytical review of modern scientific research in order to summarize the most important theoretical provisions on the basis of which the author builds a study of the Chinese television series "Symphonic Novel" in the aspect of actualization of social and national cultural values. The author suggests structural parameters and criteria for the distribution of values on the scale of the value barometer, depending on the possibilities of their influence on the formation of the image through the media images of the TV series. In the course of the study of its value potential, the author comes to the conclusion about the specific role of the value of "classical music", which allows reformatting the general list of values broadcast in a television series through a system of characters, storylines, motives. A television series shown abroad as a product of modern media culture can become an effective tool of "soft power of influence" due to the peculiarities of the value content of its media images. The value paradigm of the television series "Symphonic Novel", responding to the key positions of scientific and theoretical approaches to the study of the television series as a symbiosis of socio-cultural and media-cultural characteristics of the national-cultural mentality of the Chinese, at the same time becomes more flexible under the influence of the value of classical music, which as a leitmotif accompanies the disclosure of all other values in the development of the television series narrative. At the same time, the value of classical music does not distort or detract from other values, but shows their image potential. The role and place of the TV series as a hybrid genre based on the interaction of art and media communication in the structure of a multi-tiered image strategy is that the media images created in the TV series at the intersection and in the convergent interaction of genre characteristics of artistry and media communication acquire a special value potential that allows influencing the audience and forming its idea of the subject of the media message.
Baranova E.A. - Innovative ways of financing print media and finding ways to reduce costs in the context of media convergence pp. 87-97


Abstract: With the emergence and development of various types and types of mass media, their business models, which were formed in the first half of the XX century, were transformed. However, media convergence has become a process that has led to changes taking place not only at all stages – from creation to distribution of content, but also to the search for new ways to finance the media business. The subject of the study is the transformation of media business models in the context of the convergence process. The object of the research is innovative ways of financing print media in the context of media convergence. The author analyzes the following new ways of financing print media: 1. creation of online stores on websites (sale of various goods on the publication's website or on a specially created Internet resource). 2. transition to data journalism (sale of the received data to other mass media and (or) other organizations; sale of data visualization services). 3. Introduction of automated technologies (using artificial intelligence to create content) as a way to reduce costs. 4. Allocation of editorial office space for rent (for example, for organizing forums, conferences). For the first time, the author comprehensively examines these new ways of financing print media. The phenomenon associated with the development of online stores on Russian media sites is described on the basis of data obtained during in-depth interviews of the author with employees of the Komsomolskaya Pravda Publishing House, Moskovsky Komsomolets Publishing House. The article concludes that these methods of monetization of the media business in the conditions of convergence can only be considered as additional (often very small) sources of financing. It should also be borne in mind that the experience of individual mass media cannot always be successfully used in other editorial offices.
Ivanova V. - Conceptual analysis of the narrative strategy of the text of the propaganda speech from the position of the post-Romanov psychoanalytic approach pp. 89-97



Abstract: The article presents the author's version of narrative analysis based on the methodology of post-Romanov political psychoanalysis and discourse analysis of the text of a propaganda speech. The concepts of the master signifier, the points of attachment, the double movement of signifiers in the structure of the narrative as the basis for the internalization of the ideas and values of the narrative by the addressee of communication are actualized. The matrix of the university's discourse is considered as a constructive basis that ensures the promotion and functioning of the narrative. The analysis of the case of the speech of the US Secretary of State Colin Powell at the UN Security Council on February 5, 2003 is given. The initial theoretical positions and conclusions are correlated with the data of public opinion polls conducted by the Gallup Institute.The author's main contribution to the theory of narrative analysis is the approbation of the conceptual apparatus of political psychoanalysis to propaganda texts. The study of the phenomenon of internalization of the narrative of war in the mass consciousness requires a deep understanding of the driving forces underlying the processes under study. For the first time, the media text is analyzed from the perspective of a psychoanalytic approach, with the possibility of defining and describing specific reference points of a speech that determine its structure and final result. The proposed study lays the prerequisites for the further development of the concept of the narrative life cycle and the formulation of the concept of the counter-narrative, the definition of the inherent limitations and opportunities of this life cycle.
Lenkova T.A. - The place of the frame in the header complex of the creolized media text (based on the material of the magazine "Der Spiegel") pp. 91-99



Abstract: The proposed article is devoted to the cases of using a frame in the header of a creolized media text. The aim of the work was to show cases of using a frame strategy using not only verbal, but also visual means. The analysis of media framing was carried out purposefully not on the entire array of articles, but only on the headline complex, since it was in it that creolization received its full embodiment. Special attention is paid directly to the term "frame" itself, its origin, and various definitions. The paper highlights the classification options of the frame, as well as the features of its use in the creolized media text on the examples of online issues of the magazine "Der Spiegel". The novelty of the research lies in the analysis of the frame strategy of the header complex of the creolized media text, as well as in an attempt to study and compare the polycode nature of the creolized media text with the frame structure. In addition, attention is paid to the structure of the frame and its practical implementation in the form of an obvious and hidden frame set. As a rule, the concepts of "frame" and "creolized media text" are studied separately from each other, although they have a lot in common, and therefore their comprehensive study has great prospects for media linguistics and journalism. In our opinion, special attention should be paid in the future to the use of framing strategies in order to manipulate the opinion of the target audience.
Pavlov D.N. - Structure and functions of the fabulous media narrative of the Instagram social network (using motivating content as an example) pp. 91-101



Abstract: The research task set by the authors is based on an attempt to analyze the phenomenon of the media narrative in a structural and functional aspect. The selected material includes publications of a social network banned in the Russian Federation for promoting Instagram photos. For the study, the authors selected three thematically representative accounts (the total number of subscribers is 600 thousand) and five materials containing information about the success stories of various celebrities. The subject side of the analysis includes narrative functions (motives) that can be found in these publications. The relevance of this work lies in the manipulative power of the above-mentioned materials and their ability to bring a person into an active motivated state. It is noted that such materials can carry a psychological and terrapeutic function for the viewer. The methodological basis is the narrative theory of V.Y. Propp, which assumes the decomposition of the material into invariant composite blocks necessary for the construction of a media story. The scientific novelty of the research lies in the need for the presence of such content in the media space. Since the authors of the study provide a universal set of mandatory narrative matrices, bloggers, firstly, get the opportunity to save time when creating publications, and secondly, they get the opportunity to bring the audience into an active motivated state through the success story of a famous personality. Among the most important conclusions, the authors note the exceptional popularity of the narrative motives of departure, struggle, transfiguration, victory and accession (wedding). They contain the main elements of the narrative. Similarly, the authors note that differences in the creation of materials (videos, texts, illustrative material) do not affect the interest of viewers and do not exclude the above-mentioned fairy-tale motives. Consequently, due to the fact that such materials are highly popular, the authors claim that they have an important social function.
Sorokin D.A. - The Communicative Potential of Internet Commentary at the System of Public Relations (Macedonian-Albanian case) pp. 93-100



Abstract: An Internet comment, being, in fact, a private opinion left under a post, with a certain set of similar statements, may reflect a trend in issues and topics of concern to society. In this article, based on the analysis of the comments of users of the social network, an assumption is made about the reflection in them of a threat to the integrity of society. The Macedonian social media space was chosen as a case for monitoring, the subject of interest was Internet comments on representatives of the Albanian ethnic minority of the Republic of North Macedonia. The relationship between representatives of two ethnic groups (Albanians and Macedonians) has a conflict background and conflict potential. Based on the results of the analysis of the corpus of verbal data, the author formulated assumptions about the role of Internet commentary in reflecting the mood of society and its potency as one of the conditions in the development of the Albanian-Macedonian conflict, which is currently in a latent phase. On the one hand, comments left on social networks have a significant destructive potential within the framework of the described case; on the other hand, they have constructive potency, since the space of social networks becomes a kind of substitute in relation to the physical space and makes it possible to keep a possible conflict at the level of rejection in Internet comments, not allowing it to "get out outside."
Kuts N.V. - E. F. Rosen against Slavophilism: two articles on the "Moskovsky sbornik" of 1847 pp. 96-102



Abstract: The subject of the study is the perception by Baron E. F. Rosen - poet, playwright and critic, author of the libretto for the opera by M. I. Glinka "Life for the Tsar" (1836) - of the ideas of Slavophilism and pan-Slavism in the second half of the 1840s. The object of the study was two anonymous reviews of the Slavophile "Moscow Literary and Scientific Collection", published in 1847, the authorship of which was announced by Rosen himself during a printed discussion with S. P. Shevyrev about N. V. Gogol's book "Selected passages from correspondence with Friends" published in the same year. Other printed works by Rosen on the pages of the newspaper "Severnaya Pchela" and the magazine "Son of the Fatherland" are also used as material. The main research methods are hermeneutical and cultural-historical. Rosen's texts are considered in connection with the socio-political situation of the 1840s. The scientific novelty of the study lies in the introduction into scientific circulation of two texts not previously attributed to Rosen. The main conclusions of the study are as follows: 1) in 1847 Rosen treated the ideas of Slavophilism and pan-Slavism sharply negatively, but in 1848, apparently, against the background of news about revolutions in Western Europe, he drew closer to the Slavophiles in reasoning about the special beginning of the Russian people, "an unthinking sense of morality" opposed to Western European rationalism; 2) Rosen's differences with the Slavophiles were explained by his enlightening Westernism based on N. M. Karamzin and A. S. Pushkin; 3) the official ideology of the Nicholas reign imposed a certain imprint on Rosen's views; 4) the baron assigned a powerful civilizing role to the autocratic government.
Lenkhoboeva T.R. - Environmental ethics of Buddhism in regional mass media (based on the example of the Republic of Buryatia): methods of construction pp. 98-105


Abstract: This article explores the role of mass media in enviromentalization of collective consciousness by means of Buddhist culture and philosophy. In today’s world, environmental issues are critical. Buryatia is one of the three main Buddhist regions of the Russian Federation along with Kalmykia and Tuva. Thus, religion, namely Buddhism with its ecophilic principles, may play a crucial role in overcoming ecological crisis in the republic. Mass media, as one of the most active social institutions and the leading channel of information for the citizens, also contribute to the formation of environmental awareness. The article aims to trace how mass media affects the formation of environmental awareness of the population. The subject of this article is the methods of construction of environmental awareness in the regional mass media of the Republic of Buryatia. The goal is to determine the methods of construction of environmental consciousness in the Buryat republican media for the five-year period (2017–2021). The research leans on the method of content analysis; employs the publications of the online platforms “Inform Polis Online: and “Gazeta-n1”. The research can be divided into two stages: 1) the results of content analysis of the online platform “Inform Polis Online” and “Gazeta-n1” for the period from 2017 to 2021; examination of the fundamental principles of environmental ethics of Buddhism described in the publications about one of the major Buddhist holidays – Sagaalgan.
Baranova E.A., Shnaider A.A. - Forms of submission of materials in data journalism pp. 98-107


Abstract: The term data journalism appeared in 2005, however, a single definition of the term "data journalism" has not yet appeared in the scientific community, researchers give different interpretations. This is largely due to the fact that there are discrepancies in understanding the essence of the phenomenon: whether it is a new direction of journalism development or a new genre, format of providing information. As part of the preparation of this article, E.A. Baranova conducted expert interviews with Konstantin Poleskov, the editor of SAĬta , Roman Anin, editor of the investigation department of "Novoi Gazeta", Tina Berezhnaya, Advisor to the General Director for Information Technology of the TV channel "Russia Today", Alexey Smagin, a graduate of the Department of Data Journalism of the Higher School of Economics, an active specialist working at Novaya Gazeta. The experts were asked questions concerning the prerequisites for the emergence of data journalism, the forms of providing materials in data journalism, the development of new competencies among media workers, ethical problems that may be associated with the development of data journalism. The subject of the research is data journalism as a new direction of journalism development. The object of research is the forms of submission of materials in data journalism. The authors studied the data materials published on the websites of Russian and foreign media on the Yandex platform. The article highlights five forms of content submission in data journalism: analytical article; picture; flashcards; longrid; interactive multimedia project. The authors of the article come to the conclusion that data journalism today gives a new development to traditional journalistic genres - analytical article, investigation, news genres. The development of data journalism is associated with the emergence of ethical issues. To date, there are practically no specialists in data journalism in Russia, in order to develop this direction, it is necessary to reform educational programs in journalism.
Baranova E.A., Andrianova D.D. - The modern Russian Market of business Information in the Conditions of Competition of daily Mass media and Telegram channels pp. 100-111



Abstract: The subject of the study is the business information market in the context of the development of Telegram channels. The relevance of the work is due to the increased competition in the information market between journalists of classical business publications and the authors of Telegram channels of business orientation. Telegram channels of business topics are developing most actively. This is especially acute in the business environment. The object of research is content created by journalists of classic daily business newspapers (RBC, Vedomosti and Kommersant) and authors of Telegram channels who write on businessrelated topics. We studied it to find out how the business information market is being transformed in Russia. The problem associated with the fact that traditional media are losing their importance as translators of socially significant information and expert opinion is being heard more and more often. For the first time, we consider it on the example of the competition of daily business media and Telegram channels. Using the random sampling method, we reviewed materials published from October 30 to November 5, 2021 in seven Telegram channels, with an audience of 5 to 86 thousand subscribers. We considered the channels that write about the real estate market ("Real estate insiders", "Reinforced concrete batch", "Kompromat GROUP", "Domostroy", "Novostroyman. Moscow. Real estate", "Real Estate", "Moskvastroy"). For the period from 2021 to 2022, three authors of anonymous Telegram channels were interviewed ("Reinforced Concrete batch", "Real Estate insiders" and "Novostroyman. Moscow. Real estate"). In October-November 2021, expert interviews were conducted with representatives of the press services of five Russian companies (Colliers, Stone Hedge, Knight Frank, Accent Capital, Dom.RF). The authors come to the conclusion that the press services of companies treat Telegram channels as full-fledged players in the business information market: they send them comments and press releases. The problem of regulating the content published in Telegram channels remains open.
Jia J. - National and Cultural Peculiarities of the Use of Phraseological Expressions in Chinese and Russian pp. 102-108



Abstract: Idioms are the essence of a people's language and have a distinctive important national character. An idiom is a frequently used phrase that plays an important role in everyday communication. The differences in the structure, metaphorical use, the origin of the precedent phrases reveal the individuality of the two languages and cultures. The article provides a comparative analysis of the use of idioms in Russian and Chinese. Although modern vocabulary is a part of the language, which has greatly developed and changed, this does not mean that all its laws are in a state of fluidity there are two kinds of lexical laws - static and dynamic. The aim of the research is to carry out the analysis of Russian and Chinese phraseological expressions. The subject of the research is the national and cultural peculiarities of the use of phraseological expressions. Methods of research - analysis of scientific sources on the topic of research. Results of work. In Russian language idioms are called "salt of life" and "fruit of historical wisdom". In this article we will first try to discuss the lexical features of modern language to shed light on this topic. The results of the study can be applied in further comparison of the phraseological units of the two countries. The novelty of the research is due to the lack of scientific elaboration of the issue. All this actualizes the chosen topic of our research.
Nerents D.V. - Monopolization and commercialization as the characteristic features of the modern media system in the Russian Federation and the United States pp. 104-116


Abstract: In the conditions of market economy, special role is played by mass media, since they represent not only a platform for promoting any category of goods and services (permitted by the country’s legislation), but also are the key channel for advertising consumer goods manufactured in any other economic sector. The current state of affairs led to the dominance of the segment of commercially oriented mass media in the modern media environment, which usually are part of the media holding and aim to benefit by any possible means, most of the time through publication of advertising materials. The subject of this article is the processes of commercialization and monopolization as the crucial factors that entailed the transformation processes in media environment, first in the United States, and later in the Russian Federation. The scientific novelty of this research consists in detailed description of the consequences of these processes, determination of the degree of influence of the global media market upon mass media of both countries, and outlining further trends in the development of journalism under such conditions. The conclusion is drawn that the lofty aims of serving public interests, creating objective and independent content, and providing adequate coverage of the events fully depend on the media owners. Therefore, open competition, wide range of offers on the market, and variety of media choices in essence are the nonexistent phenomena, namely die to commercialization and monopolization processes that characterize modern Russian and US mass media.
Chen X., Ma X. - Features of educational discourse in the system of institutional discourses pp. 107-115



Abstract: The purpose of the study is to determine the place of educational discourse in the system of institutional discourses and to actualize modern approaches and methods of educational discourse. Unlike some other types of discourse, educational discourse is subject to changes under the influence of extralinguistic factors, including the development of scientific thought and technological progress, achievements of psychology and sociology, transformation of the methodology of the educational process, and others. The article presents the main characteristics of the educational discourse, describes the participants of the discourse and their status roles, postulates the importance of the educational text as a center of communication in educational discourse, and identifies new formats of information transmission in the structure of educational discourse. The variability of the content side of the educational discourse requires the attention of linguistic researchers at each time stage, this determines the scientific novelty of the work. As a result, certain conclusions have been formulated, including that the educational text has such features as factual, conciseness, brevity and others. The texts of educational discourse exist at the levels of teacherstudent, teacherteacher and studentstudent relations. They are associated with various communication situations within the framework of education. Educational discourse is always purposeful, includes methods of information transmission, is based on an educational text, has a number of precedent texts of certain genres in its structure. The opinion of some linguists on the prospects for the development of this area of scientific thought is given/
Krizhanovsky N.I. - With sincere concern for the Fatherland: M. O. Menshikov's journalism on the development of aeronautics pp. 112-131



Abstract: The subject of the study is the texts of the Russian publicist Mikhail Osipovich Menshikov on the development of domestic aeronautics, considered in the light of heterogeneous assessments of his work. The object is a reflection on the development of domestic aeronautics in the work of the famous Russian journalist of the early twentieth century M. O. Menshikov. The author considered various assessments of the work of the publicist. The most important part of the research is the analysis of M. O. Menshikov's journalistic texts on the development of aeronautics. Considerable attention is paid to the works of the publicist of the period of the Russian-Japanese war and the last years before the First World War, where the bureaucratic activities of officials are critically evaluated. The problems of timely supply of the army, flight safety on the first airplanes, and the technical lag of the Russian Empire from the West were also touched upon. The main conclusions of the work carried out are the assertion of the immutability of Menshikov's patriotic, state-oriented position regarding the development of domestic aeronautics and its ability to technical forecasting. In addition, specific "weak points" in the creative heritage of the publicist were identified: passion for an idea and lack of systematic university education. A special contribution of the author to the study of the topic is a comprehensive analysis of M. O. Menshikov's journalistic texts in the historical aspect. The novelty of the research lies in the identification of a combination of patriotic pathos and high idealism and the above shortcomings in the works of the publicist on aeronautics. The analysis of the texts of the chosen topic (the development of domestic aeronautics), covering the period from 1894 to 1918, showed that Menshikov's accusations of renegade and empty talk are untenable.
Chen F. - Real Geographical Loci and their Meaning in K. K. Sluchevsky's Cycle "Murmansk Echoes" pp. 116-122



Abstract: The article is devoted to the analysis of real geographical loci in the poem cycle "Murmansk echoes", written by the poet-pre-symbolist K. K. Sluchevsky in 1888 under the impression of a trip to the Murmansk region. The conducted research using historical, functional and comparative methods allows us to comprehend the nature of Sluchevsky's literary work and the philosophical ideas embedded in his poetry. The author of the article pays special attention to the study of landscapes, which are an expression of emotions and personal feelings of K. K. Sluchevsky, reflecting the concept of the poet's life and his philosophy; consideration of such an aspect of the topic as Sluchevsky's use of real loci to expand time and space. The scientific novelty lies in the fact that the work for the first time studied the influence of real geographical loci on the poetry of K. K. Sluchevsky, the depiction of artistic images in northern Russia, the life and customs of local pomors, investigated the changes in perspective in the real locus and the expansion of time, revealed the general "mythologeme" of the space of the real locus. As a result of the research, the author comes to the conclusion that the geographical locus allows the poet not only to convey impressions about what he saw, but also to open his inner life, and most importantly, to recreate a holistic picture of the universe through concrete and small things.
Mustapha M., Agyei S. - Assessment of the impact of new media and political news channels in West Africa: on the example of Ghana and Nigeria pp. 124-129


Abstract: Rapid technological changes that take place in recent years affect all aspects of life. The emergence and popularization of the Internet is one of the examples of how people get access to political information and news. Previous research were focused on examination of the impact of media upon the audience, or people’s distrust to new media. The online quantitative study that involved 199 respondents from Ghana and Nigeria revealed that many people read political news online, or sometimes listen to the radio in these two regions. Print media received the lowest rating, as people’s interest in it declines. The conclusion is made that the population of Ghana and Nigeria tend to read new media for political news compared to mainstream media. Therefore, mainstream media should invest adequate resources to improve their online presence and the quality of their news content. It is indicated that new media is currently the number one tool worldwide of enticing people to protest against government policies that they believe would have negative consequences for their lives. It is shocking that the majority of respondents claimed that they watch political news on TV, compared to minority who listen to radio. The authors’ special contribution lies in determination of the most frequently used means of political communication among the residents of West African countries. It opens eyes for political communication and researchers, which requires further study.
Shekhovtsova T.A. - The functions of Korean proverbs in the political discourse
of the English-language media of South Korea
pp. 124-143



Abstract: The research is devoted to the study of Korean proverbs functioning in the political discourse of the English-language media of South Korea, the definition of their communicative and pragmatic functions. The aim of the study is to identify the features of the Korean paremiological units usage in English-language political media texts. To solve the tasks set in the work, the following research methods were used: communicative-pragmatic analysis based on the interpretation of the meaning and functions of proverbs within the context of a contextual situation; comparative analysis of paroemias in the context of interlanguage communication. To determine the role of paremiological units in the political texts in the communication process, elements of discursive analysis were also applied. The scientific novelty of the study is determined by the fact that the functions of Korean proverbs are for the first time analyzed in the context of the English-speaking modern Internet media of South Korea. The development of the methodology for analyzing the functioning of the communicative and pragmatic functions of Korean proverbs in political mass media discourse should also be mentioned. According to the results, depending on the context, Korean proverbs in English-language media texts, performing a wide range of general linguistic and grammatical functions, are rarely used as exclusively directive statements. Based on the discursive situation and the personal intention of the author in highlighting a certain level of content of the proverb, the paremia can perform various functions. The multifunctionality of Korean proverbs allows the author to influence the reader regardless of belonging to the culture of the country. The research materials can be used to expand the content of practical courses for students of philological and linguistic specializations of universities, in applied educational activities.
Oleinikov S.V., Granevskii V.V., Nikonov S.B. - The threat of intellectual decadence in the context of the deactualization of formal logic pp. 130-139



Abstract: The subject of this research is formal logic in the structure of higher professional education. The purpose of the study is to analyze the problem of reducing the volume and quality of teaching formal logic in higher professional education, especially journalism. An attempt is made to analyze the role and significance of formal logic in the structure of media knowledge from diachrony to synchrony. It is shown that formal logic in historical retrospect was subjected to certain persecution and harassment, which negatively affected the level of critical thinking of university graduates, their ability to analyze and synthesize new knowledge, establish causal relationships, and defend their beliefs. The authors see the solution to these problems in increasing the status and social significance of the discipline "formal logic" at all levels of education.The main methods used in this study include comparative historical and dialectical, which allowed us to consider the role and importance of formal logic in various historical periods with an emphasis on the specificity of a particular socio-political situation, as well as to identify the cause-and-effect relationships of the periodic displacement of formal logic from the educational process. Higher education has always been and remains a source of knowledge, thanks to which the intellectual level of a person not only increases significantly, but also helps to become successful in professional activities. In many ways, the success of university education and professional activity depends on the level of development of students' logical thinking, which consists in the conscious application of logical operations (analysis, synthesis, abstraction, generalization, systematization, classification, etc.) and logical forms of thinking (concept, judgment, inference) in accordance with the laws of logic and in the construction of mental actions taking into account these laws. The development of logical thinking in the learning process involves the development of the following skills among students of the educational programs "Journalism": to interpret various types of concepts, competently use situational words (concepts), clearly understand the essence of the second form of logical thinking judgment, possess the logic of proof and refutation in order to avoid difficulties in modeling a thought experiment, operating hypotheses.
Malakhovskii A.K., Durgam N. - On the Question of studying the modern Syrian Media System pp. 132-146



Abstract: The relevance of the study is determined by the need to study the modern Syrian media system in the conditions of a long-term armed conflict in Syria. The object of the research is the scientific literature devoted to media studies. The subject of the study is the interpretation of the concept of "media system" contained in the works of Russian, Western and Arab authors in the context of modern Syrian media. The purpose of the study is to define the concept of "media system" applicable to the study of modern Syrian media. To achieve the purpose of the study, the authors, having set a number of criteria, conduct a comparative analysis of the definitions of the concept of "media system" contained in the works of the Russian scientific school, researchers of the Western school (including the works of Arab authors integrated into this direction), Syrian official and scientific sources. The scientific novelty of the study is an attempt to generalize the definition of "media system" in the works of representatives of various scientific schools, as well as to develop their own definition of the media system of Syria, applicable to the current state of the country's media during a protracted armed conflict. As a result of the comparative analysis of the definitions of the media system, the authors conclude that the media system of modern Syria is a set of mass media in the territory controlled by the legitimately elected government of the country, functioning in conditions of temporary fragmentation of the country's territory in order to restore information sovereignty. This definition is debatable, but, according to the authors of the article, it is applicable to the Syrian media in conditions of armed conflict.
Kunic Z., Mahmutaj B. - New communication trends in Serbian and Albanian Media in the Era of the Covid-19 pandemic as an effective means of shaping the Image of Russia in the Balkans 2020-2021. pp. 144-154


Abstract: The goal of this study is to identify new trends in the Serbian and Albanian media during the era of the Covid-19 pandemic, which contributed to the formation of Russia's image in the Balkans. The scientific novelty of the study lies in the fact that for the first time on the material of the popular Serbian and Albanian media in the era of the Covid-19 pandemic, the image of Russia in the Balkans is being studied. As a result, the authors give a generalized description of how the image of the state is formed. This article traces the main realities of relations between Russia and the Balkans. Particular attention is paid to the influence of the West on the formation of communication trends in the media of the Balkan region. The authors seek to trace the process of formation of new trends that emerged in the media of Albania and Serbia in 2020-2021. Also, attention is paid to what new trends have appeared in the Serbian and Albanian media in relation to Russia against the background of the pandemic.
Zemskov M.D. - The role of technology in United States' modern sports journalism pp. 154-160



Abstract: The article examines the role of technology in modern sports journalism in the USA. It describes how sports media are being modified under the influence of new technologies. And also the application of technologies in each of the four major sports leagues of the USA is considered separately. The object of study in the article is sports journalism in the USA. The subject of the study is the role of technology in modern journalism, which is further considered on the example of sports journalism in the USA. The purpose of the work is to study the impact of technology on modern sports journalism. The general scientific descriptive-analytical method and comparative method were used as the main research method. The novelty of the research lies in the fact that for the first time the role of technology in modern sports journalism in the USA is being investigated. New Internet platforms that help sports journalists collect analytical data are considered. It also describes the use of virtual and augmented reality in the major sports leagues of the United States of America. Technology plays a huge role in modern sports journalism in the USA. They not only allow you to expand the reach of the audience and create more accurate materials, but also provide new methods of interacting with readers. Journalists actively use innovations to be closer to their audience and give them new impressions.
Baranova E.A., Novoselova G.G. - Serpukhovskie Vesti newspaper in the context of the development of Internet technologies (1991-2021) pp. 155-166


Abstract: The regional factor of the development of Russian society is coming to the fore today, as there is a great need for the mediatization of the regional spaces of the Russian Federation. The article addresses the problems of the Russian regional newspaper periodicals, its current state and development trends. The subject of the study is the development of municipal newspapers in the Moscow region. This issue has been studied rather poorly today. At the moment, there is not a single full-fledged study of the printing market of the Moscow region. The object of the study is the formation of one of the newspapers in the south of the Moscow region – the Serpukhov News (SV) edition – in the era of Internet technologies and media convergence. In the late XX – early XXI centuries, many regional newspapers ceased to exist, but the editorial board of Serpukhov News was able to keep the publication thanks to the help of city officials and enterprises. However, we come to the conclusion that the work in the field of digitalization of the publication is going rather badly: "SV" are at one of the first stages of the development of this process. This is largely due to the fact that the newspaper is subordinate to the regional Government and the Main Directorate for Information Policy of the region, is under pressure from the city and regional authorities. The authorities of the Moscow region allowed to engage in the development of the newspaper's website ( ), but the Serpukhov editorial office has no resources for this (neither monetary nor personnel). Journalists devote all their efforts to preparing dry materials for a government resource .
Mashaev M.S., Bazanova A.E. - Using a non-verbal way of transmitting information in the genre of video essay pp. 161-173



Abstract: The rapid development of the global network and new technologies has led to the update of the system of film criticism genres. Writers of journalistic works on modern video hosting sites rely heavily on visual images to fully reveal the topic. The ability to work with editing and sound accompaniment becomes an important skill for a film critic. The subject of the research is non-verbal means of transmitting information in audiovisual essays. The origins and features of the genre that originated from the printed essay are analyzed. The definition of the phenomenon of "transimagery" is given, which implies the emergence of new images on the basis of existing ones. The content of narrative and poetic videos on the Every Frame a Painting channel is considered in detail. The relevance of the study is due to the growing popularity of the phenomenon of the audiovisual essay and the low level of knowledge of this genre of film criticism. The novelty lies in the fact that the video essay is a relatively young genre. There is a lack of studies both in foreign and domestic scientific practice. Our article offers a theoretical understanding of the features of an audiovisual essay. It is concluded that the unique features of the video essay cannot be reproduced in traditional textual forms of film criticism. The creation of new visual images contributes to the possibility of explaining phenomena that could not be explained in the form of text. The results of the study can be used by scientists in the field of mass communication, journalism and film criticism.
Baranova E.A., Novoselova G.G. - Transition Features of the Russian Regional Press to Digital Technology pp. 166-181



Abstract: The regional press plays an important role in the formation of the urban media space. The article examines the adaptation features of the Russian regional press to the changing the digital environment conditions. Despite the slight increase in circulation and audience of print media, the Russian regional press continues to experience a number of difficulties associated with a lack of funding, influence from government agencies, the implementation of government tasks, an aging audience, and publication of news in printed editions with a long delay. Publications are trying to adapt to changing conditions, looking for new ways not only to earn money, but also to attract an audience. Some sites are either a copy of the printed edition or are updated quite rarely. Nevertheless, digitalization does not mean the death of the Russian regional press. The study was based on interviews conducted by the authors in 2021-2023 with the heads of Russian regional newspapers. The authors also conducted a content analysis of materials posted on newspaper websites. The article is the first to examine successful cases of regional press. To attract the widest possible number of subscribers and, in general, active consumers of information products, the content of regional media must be exclusive, prompt, reliable, dialogic (providing different points of view), and multimedia. Unfortunately, Internet resources of Russian regional print media do not always meet these criteria. Digitalization does not mean death for traditional media; it is rather a new opportunity to conquer new territories, attract audiences, and implement new tasks. However, the development of local publications is hampered by the policies of government agencies that put pressure on editorial offices. Officials do not understand the specifics of journalistic work. Only a few regional publications manage to cope with existing problems, find sources of funding and attract new audiences.
Baranova E.A., Novoselova G.G. - Features of the financial and personnel policy of the media of the Moscow region (on the example of the newspaper "Serpukhovskie Vesti") pp. 167-175


Abstract: Many periodicals are today in constant search of means for existence. Even the federal press faces a number of problems that lead to stagnation. Things are even worse in the provinces. The object of the study is the features of the financial and personnel policy of regional media. The authors consider this topic on the example of the oldest newspaper in the south of the Moscow region Serpukhov News. The authors come to the conclusion that the Government of the Moscow Region and the Main Directorate for Information Policy fully determine both the financial and personnel policies of all municipal newspapers in the region. The media are directly dependent on the decisions of the regional leadership. Anyone who disagrees with this policy is easily dismissed on their own. Having studied the resolutions of the Government of the Moscow region concerning the activities of the Moscow municipal mass media, as well as analyzing the orders of the Main Directorate for Information Policy of the Moscow region, the authors come to the conclusion that the lack of funding complicates the development of suburban newspapers. A small number of employees have difficulty fulfilling the required volume of publications for the newspaper and its website. The quality of materials suffers greatly. Employees of municipal newspapers, including Serpukhov News, receive a fairly low salary below the average in the city. This reduces the loyalty of the editorial staff and affects the quality of texts.
Karpov E.S., Grabel'nikov A.A., Gegelova N.S., Murzina O.V. - Concept of the journalist in online-media and its reflection in the newest V. Pelevin's prose pp. 168-178



Abstract: Digitalization, the development of the Internet and media technologies lead to transformation not only of functions of journalism, but also to the analysis of the conceptual model of a journalist, which also gives a result in a literary text. Viktor Pelevin subtly captures emanations of this kind and, at least allegorically, but quite accurately represents them in postmodernist artistic text. In the article we will focus on the study of the image of a journalist as the author of a media text and his role in shaping reality, presented in Pelevin's works. The material of the study was the novels "The Sacred Book of the Werewolf" (2004) and "Empire V" (2006). The paper presents the results of the analysis of media space, implemented in the works of V. Pelevin, which is the subject of the study. The novelty of the work is due to the fact that for the first time the role of journalism in the formation of the chronotope of a postmodernist work is analyzed on the example of V. Pelevin's novels. A successful attempt has been made to apply the knowledge of online news journalism to media texts in the structure of a work of art. Cultural-historical, structural-typological methods and structural analysis were used. The article is devoted to the study of the media space, which is considered as a simulacrum of reality, in the structure of the artistic world of a postmodern work. It is proved that the media space created by journalists is mosaic, its boundaries are conditional, blurred or completely absent, in the organization of space at different levels we see a rhizomatic structure, the author often uses the mirror principle.
Lazutova N.M., Semenova V.S., Vodzinskaya V.V., Tope Aranda K. - Hip-hop Subculture as a Media Phenomenon pp. 171-182



Abstract: Subcultures are of significant interest to researchers in the humanities. The processes of digitalization and mediatization, when media network activity and media activities globally affect basic social institutions, suggest a systematic study of subcultures in the context of communication theory. It is noted that the formation and further stability, up to the rooting in the general culture, is characteristic of the youth subculture of hip-hop. The authors of the article set a strategic goal - to find out, on the basis of theoretical and methodological approach, due to what systemic (formal and content) characteristics hip-hop has spread among young people, what communicative characteristics of this subculture determined its flourishing in the period of digitalization. Among the tasks that were solved are the following: characterization of the hip-hop industry as a network media phenomenon is given, the dynamics of its changes at the level of subsystems is considered. The authors for the first time put forward and proved the hypothesis that hip-hop reflects all five stages of development of the system of mass communications. The analysis reveals the rhizome-like nature of the hip-hop subculture as the main reason for the systemic stability of this media phenomenon. The article comprehensively considers the totality of components of the hip-hop subculture as effective communicative practices: graffiti, breakdancing, DJing, rap (rap battles). The tendency of active entry of some subcultural processes and products into mass culture is noted. The peculiarities of hip-hop slang are outlined. The article brings the media-communication approach into the agenda of further scientific research of youth subcultures (primarily hip-hop) and actualizes it.
Kofanova G.P., .. - Cognitive mechanisms of the formation of new words in German media pp. 179-189



Abstract: The article is devoted to the study of the discourse of the German mass media, addressed to the topic of the coronavirus pandemic. Using the examples of magazine articles, television broadcasts and blogs in social networks, a conceptual analysis of the ways of word-formation activity of the German language in the era of coronavirus restrictions is carried out. The subject of the study is the cognitive mechanisms of word formation of the German language and their pragmatic features. The object of the study was the coronavirus discourse of the German-speaking language space. The aim of the work was to reconstruct some concepts of the discursive field "Coronavirus infection", as well as to describe the cognitive mechanisms underlying their formation on the basis of linguistic data. The methods of conceptual and prototypical analysis, as well as cognitive modeling and contextual analysis were used in the study of cognitive mechanisms of word formation. The relevance and novelty of the research lies in the study and description of the latest word-formation phenomena and trends in German-speaking social discourse. As a result of the research, the regularities of the functioning of the main cognitive mechanisms of concept formation were deduced and formulated. The analysis of the German media discourse during the coronavirus pandemic revealed new basic concepts and concepts-components that form conceptual fields. The basic concepts we attributed, for example, such as "Corona", "Mundnasenschutz", "Distanz", "Lockdown", "Panick". As a result of the study, it was concluded that the basic concepts form conceptual fields, including component concepts, the methods of language verbalization of which imply the presence of emotive and evaluative components. The studied and described language material allows us to conclude that the main cognitive mechanisms of concept formation are profiling, conceptual metaphor, conceptual metonymy and contamination.
Vazir S. - Style and language of television news on the Iraqi issue on TRT and RT pp. 193-206



Abstract: Interest in mass media discourse has increased significantly in recent decades, which is confirmed by numerous studies that are aimed at studying the features of the language and style used on news channels, the manifestation of the manipulative function, the rhetoric of the sender of the communication message and the reaction of recipients. TRT and RT are major international news channels. Having a similar mission (24-hour daily updates of news from politics, business, finance, sports, science, culture...), these TV channels actively use modern digital technologies in their activities, which allows them to take leading positions in the rankings in their niche. Already at the end of the twentieth century, there was a regular change in the forms of speech styles of communication due to the development of communication and other technologies. The information revolution and the subsequent technological development gave a new impetus to the journalistic profession, bringing it to a completely new level of the digital space. Research methods used in the article: systematization, generalization, critical analysis, discourse analysis, stylistic analysis, pragmatic analysis. Television which occupies an important place among the media due to its wide coverage acted as the subject of our consideration. The authors identified a common feature among many researchers of the language and style of television news - anxiety about their ambiguous influence on the broad masses of the population, as J. Bloomer talks about. This concern stems from concerns about the power of the media to influence modern democratic societies, the protection of various freedoms, and the dangers of propaganda tools and information manipulation.
Kornysheva P. - Features of Monetization of Internet Media: on the Example of Internet Periodicals of the Belgorod Region pp. 236-245



Abstract: This article is devoted to the study of methods of monetization of online periodicals, the study of its features, as well as the analysis of online periodicals of the Belgorod region for the use of various approaches to the issue of monetization. The subject of the research in the article are the Internet periodicals of the Belgorod region, leading the rating of the Information and analytical online service "Medialogia" for 2020, as the most cited periodicals of the Belgorod region for the specified year. The research method includes content analysis and comparative analysis of the techniques and methods used to monetize online media. The main objective of the study was to identify current ways of monetization of online periodicals and to detect trends in their further development. Such a study of online periodicals of the Belgorod region was carried out for the first time, which explains its significance and novelty. During the analysis, the following conclusions were made: currently there is no single business model for monetization of online media. However, further expansion of the range of advertising services offered is inevitable: almost any media outlet has an electronic analogue on the Internet, which means it is becoming increasingly difficult to compete. In order to attract advertisers and audiences, online publications need to take a comprehensive approach to monetization issues and regularly analyze feedback. Online publications of the Belgorod region mostly offer advertisers exactly this approach, but banner advertising is predominant. The least used way of monetization is a paid subscription to content.
Korotkevich D.O. - Linguistic means of forming the image of the head of a foreign state in the American media (based on the material of The New York Times) pp. 246-258



Abstract: This article is devoted to the study of linguistic means of forming the image of the former president of the Federative Republic of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro. The purpose of this study is to study the linguistic means of forming the image of the head of a foreign state, who receives representation on the pages of The New York Times. The subject of the study is the lexical and semantic field (LSF) of Personal Names as a model of representation of knowledge about the leader of a foreign state, as well as the contexts of the linguistic implementation of the core of the studied LSF. The main objectives of the study included the study of the structure and composition of the lexico-semantic field of Personal Names, as well as concordance analysis of the contexts of the linguistic implementation of the Personal Names LSF core. The research material is presented by The New York Times newspaper's 2019 issues of articles about Brazil. Using the method of corpus analysis of the texts of articles using the Wmatrix computer program made it possible to identify the lexical and semantic field of Personal Names in the structure of the cognitive matrix Brazil. Concordance analysis of the contexts of the linguistic implementation of the Bolsonaro lexical unit allowed us to identify 3 leading typical arguments that are formed by the newspaper around the name of the politician. The novelty of the study lies in the choice of the material and the subject of the study: the image of President Jair Bolsonaro in the American media has not been studied by linguists to date. The results of the study showed that the image of a politician is formed, among other things, by building contextual connections between the core of the lexico-semantic field under study and the units that make up the structure of this field, while the majority of lexical units relate to figures of political figures in Brazil and foreign countries who do not support the policy of J. Bolsonaro. The nature of the typical arguments identified by examining the concordance of the core of the studied LSF allows us to confirm that the image of this politician, formed by The New York Times newspaper, tends to be negatively biased. Readers are being shown the image of Jair Bolsonaro as a politician advocating the disappearance of the Amazon forests, being an ultra-right populist and not supporting the rights of the indigenous peoples of Brazil.
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