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Gao D. - The key syntactic peculiarities of the Chinese newspaper-journalistic style pp. 29-38


Abstract: The subject of this research is the syntactic of journalistic style of the Chinese language. The object is the Chinese media texts of newspaper-journalistic style. The relevance of this topic is substantiated by the fact that although Chinese media system is rapidly developing and requires the knowledge of stylistic patterns, the newspaper-journalistic style remains poorly studied. The examination of newspaper-journalistic style is also important in translation from Chinese to other languages. The goal of this research consists in the analysis of syntactic peculiarities of journalistic style of the Chinese language. The author aims to examine the principles of syntactic construction of the Chinese media text; determine the ratio of simple and complex syntactic constructions in the Chinese media text; analyze the peculiarities of most common sentences of this style. The novelty lies in the summary of syntactic peculiarities of newspaper-journalistic style of the Chinese language based on the analysis of the types of sentences, syntactic constructions, and sentence components. The theoretical importance of the study consists in formulation of the key syntactic peculiarities of this style in the Chinese language. The practical significance lies in the acquired results that would be valuable for creating Chinese media texts and improving the quality of translations of such texts into other languages. The conducted research demonstrates that the newspaper-journalistic style of the Chinese language has its characteristic linguistic properties, the knowledge of which ensures better understanding of the Chinese media texts. The Chinese newspaper-journalistic style often features the special syntactic expressive means, which stir the interest of the readers, and perform the basic function of the texts – broadcast of information.
Mustapha M., Agyei S. - The era of information pollution: new definition of news production in Nigeria pp. 39-44


Abstract: This article explores the possibility of redefining professional news production in order to suspend the disseminators of disinformation. For achieving this goal, the author examined the areas of the likely distortion of information: headlines and editors of online news. Headlines play the key role within information ecosystem, since they can deceive the audience. This is acquired by using arresting phrases to draw attention of the audience. It is determined that some editors of online news do not observe certain ethical standards, and thus, post articles without verifying the accuracy of the material. It is noted that politicians have infiltrated the online media space, which affects that the editors choose what to post. It is recommended that headlines should not only be attractive, but also written in a way not to deceive the audience, as well as the extent of influence of the political figures upon media agenda should be established. And ultimately, the people who have no experience in journalism, should be trained by an experienced journalist in order to minimize the information pollution common to the era of Internet and social networks.
Lenkhoboeva T.R. - Environmental ethics of Buddhism in regional mass media (based on the example of the Republic of Buryatia): methods of construction pp. 98-105


Abstract: This article explores the role of mass media in enviromentalization of collective consciousness by means of Buddhist culture and philosophy. In today’s world, environmental issues are critical. Buryatia is one of the three main Buddhist regions of the Russian Federation along with Kalmykia and Tuva. Thus, religion, namely Buddhism with its ecophilic principles, may play a crucial role in overcoming ecological crisis in the republic. Mass media, as one of the most active social institutions and the leading channel of information for the citizens, also contribute to the formation of environmental awareness. The article aims to trace how mass media affects the formation of environmental awareness of the population. The subject of this article is the methods of construction of environmental awareness in the regional mass media of the Republic of Buryatia. The goal is to determine the methods of construction of environmental consciousness in the Buryat republican media for the five-year period (2017–2021). The research leans on the method of content analysis; employs the publications of the online platforms “Inform Polis Online: and “Gazeta-n1”. The research can be divided into two stages: 1) the results of content analysis of the online platform “Inform Polis Online” and “Gazeta-n1” for the period from 2017 to 2021; examination of the fundamental principles of environmental ethics of Buddhism described in the publications about one of the major Buddhist holidays – Sagaalgan.
Nerents D.V. - Monopolization and commercialization as the characteristic features of the modern media system in the Russian Federation and the United States pp. 104-116


Abstract: In the conditions of market economy, special role is played by mass media, since they represent not only a platform for promoting any category of goods and services (permitted by the country’s legislation), but also are the key channel for advertising consumer goods manufactured in any other economic sector. The current state of affairs led to the dominance of the segment of commercially oriented mass media in the modern media environment, which usually are part of the media holding and aim to benefit by any possible means, most of the time through publication of advertising materials. The subject of this article is the processes of commercialization and monopolization as the crucial factors that entailed the transformation processes in media environment, first in the United States, and later in the Russian Federation. The scientific novelty of this research consists in detailed description of the consequences of these processes, determination of the degree of influence of the global media market upon mass media of both countries, and outlining further trends in the development of journalism under such conditions. The conclusion is drawn that the lofty aims of serving public interests, creating objective and independent content, and providing adequate coverage of the events fully depend on the media owners. Therefore, open competition, wide range of offers on the market, and variety of media choices in essence are the nonexistent phenomena, namely die to commercialization and monopolization processes that characterize modern Russian and US mass media.
Mustapha M., Agyei S. - Assessing The Effects Of New Media And The Channels For Accessing Political News In West Africa: A Case Of Ghana And Nigeria. pp. 124-129


Abstract: In recent times, the rapid change in technology keeps on affecting every aspect of life. The advent and proliferation of the internet is one example that has also found its way to how people access political information and news. Previous research has focused on looking at the influence of the media on the audience while others looked at the mistrust in the new media. Through the usage of a quantitative research method with a total number of 199 respondents from Ghana and Nigeria to an online survey, this study discovered that a large number of people read political news through online media while others sometimes listen to the radio in these two regions. The print media was the lowest-rated as peopleТs interest in reading the hardcopy has dwindled. The paper concludes that people in Ghana and Nigeria are prone to the usage of new media for political news as compared to the mainstream media. Therefore, mainstream media should invest adequate resources in improving their online presence andhe quality of their news content on the online platforms.
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