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This issue is currently being formed. All articles presented on this page have already been included in this issue, are considered published, and will remain unchanged in the final version of the issue along with other metadata of the articles.
Учредитель: Даниленко Василий Иванович, w.danilenko@nbpublish.com
Главный редактор: Юхнова Ирина Сергеевна, доктор филологических наук, yuhnova1@mail.ru
Contents of Issue № 01/2023
Liu X. - The Attractiveness of the Multimedia Text of the TV Series "Symphonic Novel": Verbal-Nonverbal Ambivalence pp. 1-10



Abstract: Modern multimedia text has been widely studied from the point of view of its formation, but the role, place and significance of its individual components in the implementation of various functions has not yet been sufficiently studied. The article is devoted to the problem of the attractiveness of polycode multimedia text, which is formed in the content of the Chinese television series "Symphonic Novel". The author considers the specifics of the combination of oral verbal text, visual series and audio components in the multimedia text, in which various formats are used: the joint sound of verbal text and non-verbal elements (classical music, background soundtracks, nature sounds, etc.). The author believes that, in general, multimedia text becomes a potentially effective factor in the attractiveness of a television series, which makes it possible to evaluate it the image potential is very high. In the process of analyzing the multimedia text of the TV series, the author reaches the conclusion that thanks to classical music, the realization of both educational and influencing functions is enhanced, and the plot and the characters of the TV series become more attractive, and comes to understand that the realization of the category of attractiveness plays a fundamental role, since it is included in the illocutionary dominant (the main communicative super-task) media content, which consists in the widest possible coverage of the audience of the TV series "Symphonic Novel". Thus, the author proves that the attractiveness of the TV series is formed due to an ambivalent combination of verbal and nonverbal components with the leading role of the audio format.
Xu M. - The Role of Nonverbal Communication in A.P. Chekhov's Story "The Chameleon" pp. 11-19



Abstract: A writer who creates a work of fiction, using non-verbal means, helps the reader to imagine his characters in the process of communication: to show their emotional state, character traits, attitude to other characters, etc. The article examines the role of nonverbal communication in a work of fiction using the example of A.P. Chekhov's story "Chameleon". Attention is paid to the analysis of those nonverbal means by which A.P. Chekhov implements the individual psychological and social characteristics of the character, reveals his attitude to other heroes. The object of the study is lexical units reflecting the components of nonverbal communication and their functioning in a literary text. The subject of the study was the linguistic means of describing various ways of displaying nonverbal behavior. The paper studies such nonverbal means as visual, tactile-kinesthetic and acoustic, examines how A.P. Chekhov, conveying the appearance of the hero, his gestures, facial expressions, body movements, sounds and intonation of the voice, reflected the inner world of the hero, his social role and attitude to other characters. The following research methods were used: the method of continuous sampling of nonverbal means from A.P. Chekhov's story "Chameleon", the method of analyzing dictionary definitions. The novelty of the work lies in the fact that it presents a functional analysis of nonverbal means of communication encountered in A.P. Chekhov's story "Chameleon", a study of how psychological and social characteristics of the hero are carried out with the help of nonverbal means, his attitude to other characters is revealed. Each of the functions of nonverbal means is accompanied by an example.
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