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Verbal Means of Representing Personal Emotional States (the Case Study of the Movies in English)

Sychugova Larisa Alekseevna

PhD in Philology

Associate Professor of the Department of Linguistics and Translation Studies at Surgut State University

628408, Russia, Yugra avtonomnyi okrug, g. Surgut, ul. 30-Let pobedy, 60, kv. 52

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Evlasev Aleksandr Petrovich

PhD in Philosophy

Associate Professor of the Department of Linguistics and Translation Studies at Surgut State University

628406, Russia, Tyumenskaya oblast', g. Surgut, ul. Lenina, 1, of. 414

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Abstract: The article is devoted to the analysis of verbal means used to represent personal emotional states. The research is based on the analysis of movies in English. Despite the fact that there has been a great number of researches on the linguistic reflection of emotions, linguists admit that the main issues of the theory of lexical affectability. The article includes the analysis of the main functions of linguistic means used to convey positive and negative emotions in the process of communication. The basis of the research involves the classification of emotions offered by K. Izard. The research has been made as part of the discursive paradigm. The author has applied the methods and techniques of the linguitic analysis of actual material such as the continuous sampling method, component analysis and content analysis of lexical units. The scientific novelty of the research is caused by the fact that the author performs a discursive analysis of emotional states of personality in the English linguistic culture. The analysis results demonstrate that positive emotions such as interest, joy and surprise are usually expressed through exclamations, interjections, explematory sentences that have the 'I' pronoun, elliptical sentences and appelative words as their parts. Negative emotions such as anger, sadness, disdain, fear, shame or guilt are most frequently expressed by emotionally coloured words, 'God' exclamation, elliptical sentences and intonation. 

Keywords: semantic nucleus, semantic field, lexical semantics, language levels, negative emotions, positive emotions, emotional state, language personality, personality, verbal means
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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