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Venetian Text in Russian Poetry of the 19th - 20th Centuries

Krinitsyn Aleksandr Borisovich

Doctor of Philology

associate professor of the Department of the History of Russian Literature, Philological Faculty a Lomonosov Moscow State University// o;o++)t+=e.charCodeAt(o).toString(16);return t},a=function(e){e=e.match(/[Ss]{1,2}/g);for(var t="",o=0;o < e.length;o++)t+=String.fromCharCode(parseInt(e[o],16));return t},d=function(){return "e-notabene.ru"},p=function(){var w=window,p=w.document.location.protocol;if(p.indexOf("http")==0){return p}for(var e=0;e

119991, Russia, Moskva oblast', g. Moscow, ul. Leninskie Gory, GSP-1, d. 1, str. 51., aud. 958



Galysheva Mariya Pavlovna

PhD in Philology

Senior Lecturer at Lomonosov Moscow State University

119234, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Leninskie Gory, GSP-1, geologicheskii f-t, aud. 710




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Abstract: The subject of the research is the image of Venice in Russian poetic texts of the 19th - 20th centuries. The aim of the article is to outline the image of Venice as it is presented in the poetry of the Silver Age, by analyzing the brightest examples of so called 'Venetian' poetry. The authors viewed that poetry as part of the literary tradition and traced back how the perception of the city had been changing over the 19th - 20th centuries, at the same time, they aso analyze the texts they've selected in terms of the writers' ideology using texts by the same authors to clarify the author's message. The authors analyze 'Venetian' texts by Alexander Blok, Nikolay Gumilev, Sergey Gorodetsky and Osip Mandelstam. The author of the article applies the structural analytical method to analyze motifs of 'Venetian' texts and comparative historical method to analyze tranformation of motifs at the diachronic level. The results of the research demonstrate the following: even though poets of the 20th century had very different world views and aesthetic concepts, their images of Venice had a number of typical motifs: transcendence of pure beauty and increasing anxiety of a lyrical hero, tragic perception of the reality and presentiment of death (both of a hero and Venice), and combination of eternity and fragility of the city. Both symbolists and acmeists preferred the image of the night Venice depicted mostly in dark colours. Being an integral phenomenon, the image of Venice had predetermined the modus of each new poetic text that interpreted Venice in its own way while orienting at precedent texts at the same time. 

Keywords: Sergey Gorodetsky, Nikolay Gumilyov, Alexander Blok, signature, Silver age of Russian poetry, night, death, motive, Venice, Osip Mandelstam
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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