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Главный редактор: Дегтярев Александр Николаевич, доктор экономических наук, кандидат технических наук, Aleks-degt@yandex.ru
Contents of Issue № 03/2022
Economic theory and history of economic thought
Mamedov M.A. - Transformation of the Activities of the Largest Russian Commercial Banks into Digital Ecosystems. pp. 1-23



Abstract: There is a rapid development of innovative technologies in the financial sector of the Russian economy. Innovative technologies influence both the development of individual segments of the financial sector of the economy, the formation and development of new products and services, and significantly affect the change and transformation of traditional business models of market participants. One of such changes can be called the transformation of the largest Russian commercial banks into digital banking ecosystems. The object of this article is the largest Russian commercial banks. The subject of the study is financial mechanisms, quantitative and qualitative indicators of the activities of the largest Russian commercial banks in the context of the formation of digital ecosystems in Russia. The purpose of the study is to analyze the conditions and methods of transformation of the largest Russian commercial banks into digital banking ecosystems. To achieve this goal, the works of Russian and foreign authors on the formation and development of digital ecosystems, the provision of financial services, and the digitalization of commercial banks were studied. Based on the statistical data of the Bank of Russia and the reports of commercial banks, the analysis of the current state of activity of the banks selected for analysis was carried out. The author's definition of the concept of digital banking ecosystem is given in the article. Four main areas in which a full-fledged digital banking ecosystem should meet the needs of its customers have been identified and studied. The main conclusion of this study is that the largest Russian commercial banks create digital banking ecosystems by buying companies from various sectors of the economy and developing their own structures. The main tasks of digital banking ecosystems are not only meeting the needs of customers in financial services, but also in such areas as entertainment, IT and daily needs. Thus, digital banking ecosystems are maximally aimed at attracting and further retaining customers within their services.
Skacheva N., Drygina I. - Use of Internet Marketing Channels (on the Example of the Market of Translation Services in the City of Krasnoyarsk) pp. 24-33



Abstract: The speed with which marketing is developing and changing is a difficult task for both individual marketing specialists and companies that have to compete with each other and with the global market all the time. The Internet becomes the main platform here and provides an opportunity to search for effective channels of interaction with the consumer of services. Channels of interaction should be constantly improved, focusing on consumers, their behavior, lifestyle. Service providers need to search, analyze, introduce new Internet channels or improve old ones for business development. At the same time, the number of channels used may vary depending on the business area. The translation business is one of the representative examples, as it is focused not only on the local, but also on the global market. The purpose of this article is to analyze the use of Internet marketing channels by translation companies in the city of Krasnoyarsk, to identify their diversity and the possibility of application in other areas of services. The object of the study is the market of translation services in the city of Krasnoyarsk, and the subject is the use of Internet marketing channels. The results of the analysis are presented to the heads of translation companies to select the most productive Internet marketing channels to promote their services on the market.
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