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Theoretical and Applied Economics

Convergent platform for big data analysis in the process of researching the innovative system of the region

Finogeev Aleksey Germanovich

Doctor of Technical Science

Professor of the Department of CAD at Penza State University

440028, Russia, Penzenskaya oblast', g. Penza, ul. Krasnaya, 40

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Gamidullaeva Leila Ayvarovna

Doctor of Economics

Professor, the department of Management and Economic Security, Penza State University

440039, Russia, Penzenskaya oblast', g. Penza, ul. Krasnaya, 40

Другие публикации этого автора

Vasin Sergey Mikhailovich

Doctor of Economics

professor of the Department of Economic Theory and International Relations at Penza State University

440039, Russia, Penza Region, Penza, str. Krasnaya, 40

Другие публикации этого автора

Shmid Alexander Viktorovich

Doctor of Technical Science

Professor, the department of Information and Analytical Systems, “EC-Leasing” CJSC

440039, Russia, Russia oblast', g. Moscow, ul. Tallinskaya, 34, of. 435




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Ubiquitous implementation of the modern technologies of digital economy allows eliminating a number of barriers that impede the growth of economic activity of economic actors, as well as decreasing high transaction expenses that hinder interaction between the participants of economic processes. The article examines the questions of creation of the information analytical platform for big data collection and processing for the purpose of researching the innovative development processes of the regional economic agents on the basis of convergent approach. The platform is intended for modular integration of instrumental means that resolve the tasks of searching, collection, processing and upload of data for intellectual analysis of the indicators of innovative activity of enterprises. The results of intellectual analysis are used for the assessment and forecast modelling of the dynamics of integral criteria of the regional innovative development, identification of innovative leaders, comparative benchmarking analysis between economic agents and leaders, synthesis of cybersocial strategies for managing the mechanisms of innovative development and formulation of recommendations on enhancing the efficiency of innovative activity of enterprises. The authors conduct the analysis of convergent and hyper-convergent systems, as well as substantiate the need for creation of the convergent platform for collection and analytical processing of big data regarding the innovations and innovative enterprises in the regions. The authors propose the principles of structuring the dataflow architecture of data integration system for solving the tasks of searching, parallel processing and upload of information onto cloud storage and distributed register. The key components of the convergent information analytical platform are being reviewed.

Keywords: Big Data, intellectual analysis, convergent platform, convergence, syber-social system, digitalization, innovation, innovation system, regional system, transaction costs
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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