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Electronics and Machinery
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Contents of Issue є 01/2019
Mustafaev G.A., Mustafaev A.G. - Effect of ionizing radiation and hot electrons on MOS structures pp. 1-5


Abstract: The study of the degradation of metal-oxide semiconductor MOS structures with nitration of the gate oxide under the influence of hot electrons and ionizing radiation was carried out. Two factors were investigated that cause the degradation of MOS structures and on which nitration has a different effect. The results of ionizing irradiation on MOS structures with thermal nitration at different temperatures and duration of nitration and without nitration were obtained. It is shown that the temperature and duration of the nitration operation reduce the magnitude of the voltage change. The observed voltage changes may be due to an increase in the effect of electron traps, or a decrease in the effect of hole traps. The degradation of the characteristics of the devices under the influence of radioactive radiation and hot electrons substantially depend on the temperature and duration of thermal nitration. The risk of radiation exposure is constantly decreasing with increasing degree of nitration, and the risk of degradation under the action of hot electrons decreases with increasing degree of nitration, but with a further increase in the degree of nitration also increases.
Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Science
Gubanova A.A., Dolya A.S. - Simulation stand for machine equipment monitoring pp. 6-16


Abstract: The object of the study is a simulation model of the drilling machine. The subject of the study is a mathematical model of the engine load on the shaft. In this paper, monitoring refers to the assessment of the health of the machine equipment. It is envisaged that the monitoring will be carried out using the simplest control function, registering the current on the motor shaft with the help of the developed software (SOFTWARE) with the use of remote Supervisory control based on the SCADA system and the developed demonstration stand. This approach provides the possibility of early detection of breakdowns and providing information about the health of the monitored object. Theoretical research is based on the basic provisions of the theory of computational mathematics, the theory of automatic control, industrial programming. Empirical research includes methods of mathematical modeling using special computer software. The scientific novelty of the work lies in the development of an experimental monitoring stand of machine equipment, which allows to assess the state of the machine in real time and make decisions based on the information received by the SCADA system (MasterSCADA).
Electrical Engineering
Ochnev P.G., Shchemeleva Y.B. - Implementation of ATS of the consumer of the I category in the presence of two main inputs and one reserve input from the diesel power plant pp. 17-23


Abstract: The subject of the study is the device of automatic input of the reserve (ATS) of domestic production. The presence of automatic input of the power reserve (ATS) for consumers of category I is an important condition for the trouble-free operation of the enterprise. Equipment for the implementation of the ATS is commercially available. But it is used at different enterprises, with different operating conditions. Due to the fact that the ATS schemes are implemented on different equipment, in each case, you should develop your circuit design solution. This paper proposes the development of a scheme automatic transfer switch (ATS) diesel power plant (DPP) for the network of 6/10 kV for consumers of I category.The implementation of the scheme, the ATS is offered on the device BMRS-15kh company "mechatronics". The paper describes the programmable functions of the device, the functional scheme of the automatic reserve input algorithm, describes the conditions of the ATS input with a restriction on the proposed logical solution.The proposed scheme of automatic input of the reserve is able to operate automatically without human intervention, which eliminates possible incorrect actions of operational personnel. Analysis of the proposed circuit solutions on the device BMRS-15kh company "mechatronics" can be recommended as a model for domestic plants producing power equipment.
Instrument Engineering, Metrology, and Electronic Measurement Devices and Systems
Gubanova A.A., Kotkovets S.A., Zolotarev V.V. - Layout of the automatic water purification system using float-type sensors on the Arduino Uno platform pp. 24-30


Abstract: The object of research in the work is the created system of automatic water cleaning (model) with the use of float-type sensors on the Arduino Uno platform, which is intended as a training material when familiarizing with float-type sensors. The article presents the developed schemes of electrical connections, on the basis of which the system control algorithm was created. Particular attention is paid to the algorithm of the system, built on a modern widely available platform Arduino Uno using the controller ATmega328. The article conducted theoretical and experimental studies, including work with simulation models and full-scale installation, as well as using standard programming methods. The novelty of the study is as follows:- in the development of the layout and experimental study of the technology of purification of contaminated water;- in obtaining the output characteristics of the developed system, adequately describing the cleaning processes;- creation of algorithms and software based on existing approaches in the field of programming.
Informatics and Computers
Belozerov V.V., Gerasimenko D.V. - "Intellectualization" of split-systems to ensure the safety of apartments in high-rise buildings and individual houses pp. 31-42


Abstract: Using the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of a previously developed split-system-fire detector model, in which thermoelectronic protection modules, smoke and gas sensors are installed that detect dangerous fire factors and leakage of household gas, the need to use multi-split systems with two or three internal units is proved one of which is mandatory installed in a room with gas appliances (oven, gas heating installation, etc.) and is combined with a gas meter having an electromagnet A thermomagnetic separator of air (TMSA) is installed in each indoor unit, which separates and removes oxygen through the drain hose to the outside, and returns inert gases (nitrogen, carbon dioxide, etc.) to the room, which ensures explosion prevention or fire suppression. The novelty lies in the use of TMSA, protected by the patent for invention RUS 2428242, to suppress the dangerous factors of fire and explosion (FEPD) in case of leakage of household gas. The results indicate the effectiveness of the use of multi-split systems modified in this way, for their fire and explosion protection.The value of the proposed modernization lies in the massive use of split-systems, which allows to radically solve the problem of fire protection of the residential sector.
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