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Man and Culture

Scandinavian design of the XXI century: traditions and modernity

Elkina Elena Leonidovna

Senior Educator, the department of Visual Communications, Synergy University

109387, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Lyublinskaya, 111-2, of. 198

Ivanova Ekaterina Yur'evna

PhD in Cultural Studies

Docent, the department of Visual Communications, Synergy University

125190, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Leningradskii pr-Kt, 80, of. 700




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Abstract: This article presents the analysis of Northern design of the XXI century, its achievements, and significance. Design is viewed as a phenomenon that has evolved since the era of industrial revolution. The current trends in environmental design are explored. The author comprehends the years-long trend for environmental friendliness and responsible consumption in design as a whole, as well as the vectors of development of object design in particular. The key approach is the analytical approach, within the framework of which the design development trends are assessed as a part of popular culture. At the same time, their designated purpose to increase the competitiveness of goods on the markets. The design is based on the principles of functionality and feasibility. The goal design is to impose certain qualities upon things, such as aesthetic appeal, convenience, commensurability. Working on the design project implies certain stages: functional analysis, layout, construction, creation of a spatial and graphical structure. Design employs the data from multiple scientific disciplines: semiotics, ergonomics, sociology, aesthetics, philosophy, and culturology. The fundamentals of design originate in the history of art, architecture, modern trends and styles in art,  conceptual art, crafts in terms of industrial production, synthesizing with innovative technologies and materials. Use of the stylistics of Northern design is substantiated by demand for the things of high quality, but inexpensive design.

Keywords: technology in design, Scandinavian design, furniture, interior designers, minimalism, functionalism, northern design, design, innovation, trends
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

Khavronin S. Spetsifika skandinavskogo obshchestva kak faktor stimulirovaniya innovatsii // Vestnik Instituta ekonomiki rossiiskoi akademii nauk. 2012. № 4. S. 136-146.
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Natsional'nye shkoly dizaina. Shvedskaya i skandinavskaya model'. - https://studfile.net/preview/3292485/page:46/
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