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Man and Culture

Distance learning as a method of teaching piano class

Averina Oksana Valer'evna

Docent, the department of Piano, Donetsk State Academy of Music named after S. S. Prokofiev

111558, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Molotovykh, 15 korpus 2, kv. 94




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Abstract: This article explores the specificity of teaching piano class in the university in the conditions of distance learning. The author suggests to consider distance learning as an active method of carrying out cognitive activity, i.e. a method of educating future piano performers, as well as from the perspective of modern organizational innovation. The article gradually covers certain historical prerequisites for the existence of distance learning method in music education in the middle of the XX century, as well as the conditions for its successful implementation. The author describes the formats of distance learning, Internet platforms that allow online and offline interaction of the participants of educational process. Based on the opinions of reputable educators-performers, as well leaning on the own experience of teaching classes remotely, the author determines the practical significance and feasibility of using the distance form of learning as a method of teaching future musicians. The conclusion is made that the all-round modernization, implementation and development of distance learning technology in the sphere of traditional education does not take into account the specificity of music and art universities. Despite all the flaws and imperfections of distance innovation, the author finds positive aspects, which would allow the pedagogues to implement distance learning to a certain extent for achieving certain educational objectives.

Keywords: dubbed musical aid, training of performers, musical education, musical art, performing tasks, piano class, distance learning method, student, musical aid, creative skills
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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