Статья 'Материалы доклада В. С. Библера «Культура и музей к 2000 году» в контексте актуальных тенденций развития музеологии' - журнал 'Человек и культура' - NotaBene.ru
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Man and Culture

Materials of V. S. Bibler’s lecture “Culture and Museum by the Year 2000” in the context of relevant trends in development of museology

Balash Aleksandra Nikolaevna

PhD in Cultural Studies

Docent, the department of Museology and Cultural Heritage, St. Petersburg State Institute of Culture

190068, Russia, Saint Petersburg, Naberezhnaya Kryukova Kanala 24, unit #21

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Abstract: This article examines the text of V. S. Bibler’s lecture “Culture and Museum by the Year 2000”” (1977) published in the body of archival materials of the philosopher. In accordance with the research strategy of Bibler, the text carries a sketchy and incomplete character, and is open for interpretation. The author provides an analysis of relevance of Bibler’s idea for the modern museology in comparison with the concept of post-museum, used as an efficient model for describing the transformations of modern museum as a sociocultural institution. The article also studies Bibler’s ideas about the promising trends in development of museum as a cultural phenomenon in terms of the architectural and symbolic solution of the suggested concept. The author explores the indicated in the text model of spectator’s perception of the artworks in museum space that is presented as a transition of the visual image into the implicit speech of a spectator. The concept of comprehension as a “rapture” of composition and its cultural connotations is being reviewed. As the comparative material, the author analyzes the content of D. A. Prigov’s “Phantoms of Installations” that introduce the original visual concept of a museum, as well as determines the meaningful moments that allow pursuing correlation between the concepts of Bibler and Prigov. Installation “The Room of an Artist D. A. Prigov” in State Hermitage Museum is being considered as an example of visualization of the examined museum concepts. The author underlines the relevance of project of V. S. Bibler’s museum concept within the framework of the formulated by him concept of philosophical logics of culture. The scientific novelty lies in the fact that Bibler’s concept for the first tame is presented in the context of museological discourse, as well as interpreted as topical within the framework of discussions regarding the institutional specificity of post-museum in the modern cultural space.

Keywords: spectator, installation, Prigov, post-museum, work of art, culture, museum, Bibler, image, metaphor
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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