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Man and Culture

The Concept of the North in Rockwell Kent's Creative Work

Sitnikova Aleksandra Aleksandrovna

PhD in Philosophy

associate professor of the Department of Cultural Studies at Siberian Federal University

660041, Russia, Krasnoyarsk, str. Prospect Svobodny 79, of. 452






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Publish date:


Abstract: Article offers research of picturesque and graphic works of the artist Rokuell of Kent regarding visualization in these works of a concept "North". The detailed review of "waves" of professional and spectator interest in R. Kent's creativity precedes researches: in the 1920th years the artist comes to the forefront in the American art, in the 1960th years becomes popular in the USSR, in the 1980th years to the artist the attention of the American audience comes back, in the present interest in R. Kent's creativity is maintained on the Internet. According to tasks researches gave a general characteristic to cycles of the works created by the artist during travel to Alaska (1918-1919) during travel to Tierra Del Fuego (1922-1923) and during travel to Greenland (1929, 1932-1933, 1935); representative works from these cycles – "Solar patches of light are analysed. Alaska" (1919), "Tierra del Fuego" (1922-1925), "November in Greenland" (1932-1933). The image of the Eskimo – the aboriginal of Greenland, formed in the graphics created by R. Kent is investigated. In addition in article art traditions and receptions, characteristic for works of the artist in general reveal. The main method - the philosophical and art criticism analysis of representative art texts. This method was developed by V. I. Zhukovsky and D. V. Pivovarov. Besides, the method of the description and analysis of works of art, the analysis of basic concepts was applied (including, Yu.S. Stepanova). Germenevtichesky methodological procedures, including interpretation and identification of the meanings put in work were applied to art texts of R. Kent. Scientific novelty of research is that works of the famous American artist R. Kent are considered from positions of the conceptual analysis. The works of art connected with northern subject are investigated. R. Kent's creativity is presented as the certain world outlook system of the artist of the XX century shown by means of visual means.

This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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