Cybernetics and programming
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Publications of Malashkevich Vasilii Borisovich
Cybernetics and programming, 2013-5
Malashkevich I.A., . - An efficient algorithm for data decimation pp. 1-6


Abstract: This paper presents an efficient algorithm for fast data decimation of discrete transformations. The article gives the characteristic equation and the implementation of the algorithm in Object Pascal. In the practice of digital signal processing the algorithms of signals spectral transforms (such as fast Fourier transform, Walsh, Haar discrete wavelet transform) are widely used. One of the expensive operations in these algorithms is the decimation of data - grouping of data with even and odd numbers. Traditionally this operation is performed by allocating additional memory. The authors propose an algorithm of grouping that does not require the use of additional memory for storing arrays and solve problems decimation of O (N) operations. It is shown that all the permutations of the elements are made through a series of chain movements, each beginning with the odd elements of the array data. The analysis of the algorithm for different values of N indicates the number and chain length varies. Test executions of the algorithm show its’ high performance.
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