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Publications of Ivanov Evgenii Mikhailovich
Philosophical Thought, 2019-6
Ivanov E.M. - Deadlocks of naturalistic theories of mind and the way out pp. 13-38


Abstract: The subject of this research is the mind-body problem, its naturalistic and non-naturalistic interpretations. In light of this, the author examines the based problems of the philosophy of mind, which solution within the framework of naturalistic approaches to the problem of consciousness, problem of nature of individuality of the “Self”, and problem of “casual ability” of phenomenal mind. The author also explores the problem of the “reduction of wave function” in quantum mechanics for the purpose of determining the correlation of this problem with the basic questions of the philosophy of mind. Methodology is based on the principle of interdisciplinary synthesis, viewing the related issues of the philosophy of quantum-relativistic physics and philosophy of mind. The author demonstrates the possible constructive solution of fundamental problems of the philosophy of mind beyond the naturalistic paradigm in the context of authorial concept of “consciousness in quantum world”, which represents a modernized version of the interpretation of quantum mechanics of Everett-Mensky. The study substantiates the idea of the existence of extrasomatic component of the function of consciousness, associated with the “insight” mechanism and long-term memory.
Philosophical Thought, 2017-7
Ivanov E.M. - Mind-body problem in the context of the modified Everett-Mansky theory pp. 1-10


Abstract: The subject of the study is the relation of consciousness and physical reality, which is considered in the context of the modification proposed by the author of the theory of quantum measurement of Everett-Mensky. In this connection, the conceptual basis of measurement theory in quantum mechanics is also explored, in particular, the possibility of modifying the Everett interpretation of the measurement process in such a way as to exclude the need for any "splitting" of both the universe and the observer entity is investigated. Further, it is investigated how from the received picture of measurement it is possible to receive conclusions concerning character of communication of consciousness and quantum reality. The research methodology is based on the principle of interdisciplinarity (related issues of philosophy of physics and philosophy of consciousness), comparativeness and system analysis. An original approach to the solution of the psychophysical problem based on the philosophically rethought "multi-world" interpretation of quantum mechanics by H. Everett is proposed, as well as Mensky's idea of the identity of awareness with the process of selection of the quantum alternative. An explanation is given of the apparent psychophysical interaction (when the principle of the causal closure of the physical universe is taken into account) and the process of reduction of the wave function in quantum mechanics.
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