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Publications of Usov Aleksei Yur'evich
Law and Politics, 2023-10
Usov A.Y. - On the powers of the prosecutor to initiate disciplinary proceedings pp. 15-23


Abstract: The object of scientific research is the social relations that develop in the sphere of application by prosecutors of the Russian Federation of powers to initiate disciplinary proceedings. The subject of the study is the practice of prosecutor's offices of the Russian Federation in bringing guilty persons to disciplinary liability, legislation of the Russian Federation and foreign countries, organizational and administrative documents of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation, works of scientists related to the topic of research. The methodological basis of the research includes the dialectical method, methods of analysis, synthesis, analogy, deduction, induction, observation, modeling, historical, comparative legal, statistical and other methods. The main conclusions of the study are to substantiate the mandatory requirement of the prosecutor to bring the perpetrators to disciplinary liability, since this is dictated not so much by the formal requirements of statistical reporting, but by the need to ensure the prevention of law violations. The scientific novelty lies in the proposals formulated by the author to legislatively consolidate the powers of the prosecutor or his deputy to initiate disciplinary proceedings, mandatory for the authorities specified in paragraph 1 of Article 21 of the Federal Law of January 17, 1992 No. 2202-1 On the Prosecutors Office of the Russian Federation. The work contains specific proposals for amending Article 21 of the Law on the Prosecutor's Office.
NB: Administrative Law and Administration Practice, 2019-4
Usov A.Y. - Problems of Suing for Compensation for the Environmental Damage by Prosecutor pp. 17-21


Abstract: The article studies some problems emerging in the process of suing for compensation for the environmental damage by prosecutors. The author analyses the problems emerging in the process of suing and proceeding of the claims for compensation for the environmental damage in physical and monetary terms. The relevance of the study is due to the Ordinance by Plenum of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation 30/11/2017 49 that reveals a set of core issues related to the legislative execution of compensation for the environmental damage. The methodological framework of the study includes the dialectic, systemic methods, as well as the methods of analysis, synthesis, analogy, deduction, induction, observation, and others. The author has examined law enforcement practice and legal acts and proposed the solution to emerging issues. As a result of the study, the suggestions on improving the civil and fiscal legislation were stated. Furthermore, the author has elaborated recommendations for the improvement of the activity arrangement of prosecutors involved in judicial proceedings on the compensation for the environmental damage. 
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