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Publications of Korolev Andrei Aleksandrovich
Psychology and Psychotechnics, 2022-1
Barinova O.G., Korolev A.A., Lyapina S.S. - Features of mental states and academic performance of students with a high level of academic procrastination pp. 32-43


Abstract: Academic procrastination of students remains an actual and significant subject of research in many psychological schools, directions of both domestic and foreign authors. In this paper, an attempt is made to scientifically study the phenomenon of academic procrastination in medical students, and also presents a meaningful analysis of the mental states of students with various academic success and showing a high level of academic procrastination. One of the methodological bases of the study was the classification of procrastination types according to N. Milgram. The respondents in our study were medical students of the 1st and 6th courses in the number of 80 people. At the empirical stage, the following methods were used: "Self-assessment of mental states" by G. Eysenck; "PASS procrastination Assessment Scale" by M. V. Zvereva; methods of mathematical processing of research results (Mann-Whitney U-criterion; Kruskal-Wallis criterion; Pearson correlation analysis). В  The paper reveals the frequency of the manifestation of academic procrastination and the peculiarities of mental states in medical students studying in the first and sixth years. Statistically significant differences were found between first- and sixth-year respondents in the frequency and quality of academic procrastination. In addition, the links between a high level of academic procrastination, mental states (anxiety, frustration, aggressiveness, rigidity) and the academic performance of medical students were determined. For some correlations, clinical characteristics of the mental states of highly procrastinating students are given. The novelty of the study lies in the fact that mental states are considered not only as a cause, but also as a consequence of academic procrastination of students. The results of the study may provide valuable provisions for the construction of clinical observations in order to describe the personal characteristics of students with a high level of academic procrastination. The further development of preventive measures and correctional activities for the prevention of mental states contributing to the development of tendencies to personality disorders of highly procrastinating students is promising.
Psychology and Psychotechnics, 2021-4
Korolev A.A. - Information overload in the educational process: the problem of personal response and risks of neuroticism pp. 1-14


Abstract: The problem of information impact is extremely relevant and significant in modern clinical psychology and medicine in the context of the emergence of risk of neurotic disorders. Russian and foreign authors view information is viewed as one of the key factors of neurogenesis. In modern scientific circulation, the generally accepted term that denotes pathogenic effect of information is the information overload. The author outlines the content of the concept and stress factors of its occurrence. There is lack of research dedicated to interdependence between the information stress factors and personal response. No specific personality characteristics that determine the sensitivity or resistance of an individual to particular causes of information overload are revealed. The object of this research is the impact of the factors of information overload upon the individual. The subject is the interrelation between personal peculiarities and specificity of the impact of information stress factors. The study involved medical students as the respondents who constantly deal with the key information stress factors due to specificity of their activity. The article is based on the 5PFQ five-factor personality survey, BMS II survey (fatigue-monotony-satiety-overload). V. A. Bodrov’s classification of the factors of information overload allowed developing the questionnaire that indicated the “direct information” factors. The author establishes acute significance of the estimated causes of information overload among the respondents. The use of correlation analysis allows establishing the dependence between personality characteristics and specific impact of the information stress factors, which reveals individual sensitivity to the particular information stressors.
Psychology and Psychotechnics, 2021-3
Korolev A.A., Sokolov Y.V. - Psychodiagnostic evaluation of parental position in settlement of legal disputes on child upbringing in the course of forensic psychological examination pp. 17-27


Abstract: This article explores the crucial points associated with the objective assessment of parental position in the process of forensic psychological examination. The subject of this research is the specificity of parental position in the situation of forensic psychological expert study. The object is the parents in the situation of forensic psychological examination. The author describes the main capabilities of psychological diagnostics of parental position in the expert practice. The article analyzes the data acquired from psychometric surveys carried out among 46 parents/custodians involved in forensic psychological examination on civil cases related to disputes over child upbringing. The study employs the psychometric surveys for evaluation of child-parent relations (“The Analysis of Family Relationship” and “Child-Parent Interaction”). Based on the array of expert material, the author carries out statistical analysis of the data acquired via tested psychometric methods aimed at the assessment of parental position. The obtained correlation between the scales of psychometric surveys, the author highlights the most significant diagnostic criteria give an integral estimate of parental position. The novelty of this work consists in determination of diagnostic parameters that verify the key criteria of parental position in the course of forensic psychological examination: adequacy, predictivity, flexibility. The acquired materials contribute to objectification of conclusions of the psychologist in complicated expert situations on settling the issues related to child upbringing.
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