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Publications of Dyagileva Tat'yana Vladimirovna
Philosophical Thought, 2021-6
Yarkova E.N., Dyagileva T.V., Murav'ev I.B. - Tyumen ethical-philosophical tradition: history and conceptual framework pp. 1-13


Abstract: The object of this research is Tyumen ethical-philosophical intellectual tradition represented by F. A. Selivanov, V. I. Bakshtanovsky, Y. M. Fedorov, M. G. Ganopolsky, and others. The subject of this research is the history and conceptual framework of Tyumen ethical-philosophical intellectual tradition. In the introductory part, the following research positions are substantiated: 1) formulation of the essence of problem, which consists in the absence of research on the regional intellectual traditions of Russia; 2) demarcation of the concepts of “intellectual tradition” and “research tradition”; 3)outlining the research objective, which lies in examination of history and conceptual framework of Tyumen ethical-philosophical tradition, creation of a specific  field of research for the Russian regional intellectual traditions; 4) description of the theoretical-methodological research apparatus based on the approaches and methods characteristic to the interdisciplinary research direction of intellectual history, which is relevant in modern Russian science. The novelty of this work lies in the attempt to create a specific field of research dedicated to studying the Russian regional intellectual traditions. The first part of the article traces the history of establishment of Tyumen ethical-philosophical tradition, analyzes a particular ethical situation of industrial development of North Siberia, which unfolded in the late XX century and gave rise to this intellectual tradition. The second part of the article explicates the key ideas underlying the conceptual framework of Tyumen ethical-philosophical intellectual tradition (personalism, rationalism, praxeology),  and reveals the specificity of interpretation of these ideas by its representatives. In conclusion, it is claimed that the study of regional intellectual traditions contributes to broadening the existing ideas on the intellectual potential of Russia and growing spurts of human capital in the country. Such research a particularly important for Tyumen Region, as they demonstrate that this region is rich not only in natural resources, by intellectual resources as well.
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