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Publications of Khrykov Vladimir Pavlovich
Sociodynamics, 2013-9
Khrykov V.P. - Investments in Russia: Patterns of Development and Regress pp. 89-129


Abstract: Investments are an important tool of development in Russia. But do investments guarantee success if we don't solve the issues of state management and planning, don't achieve a proper level of social conscience, scientific development and simply health of population? The author of the article views the problem of investments in Russia from the point of view of investment and industrial development that leads the country to the secondary industrialization. According to the author, by using a complex approach  (finances, technology, science, culture, education, social security and international communication), Russia can actually achieve good results in its development. An important criterion of investments in Russia (both Russian and foreign ones) is a different territorial planning which is based on the development of small towns and retreat from metropolis policy. Only a special group ('development group') of both young initiative people and experienced Soviet professionals can create complex development based on the intelligent combination of state and private approaches. 
Trends and management, 2013-3
Khrykov V.P. -


Politics and Society, 2010-6
Khrykov V.P. -
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