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Publications of Yashchuk Tatiana
Genesis: Historical research, 2019-6
Yashchuk T. - The activity of Legal Commission of the Council of Ministers of USSR with regards to systematization of legislation pp. 89-102


Abstract: The subject of this research is the exercise of powers of Legal Commission of the Council of Ministers of USSR with regards to systematization of Soviet legislation. The author determines the reasons for its establishment, describes the institutionalization process of the Legal Commission, its genetic affinity to a number of commissions dealt with systematization of legislation during the 1920’s. The subject of this research is particularized with chronological framework. The author analyzes the entire period of operation of the Commission, since the organizational activities in 1956 and until the delegation of authorities to the Ministry of Justice of USSR in 1970. The research methodology contains the methods of historicism, formal-legal, and functional. The article examines the arrangement and activity of Legal Commission from the perspective of historicism due to democratization of the political regime and state apparatus reform. The formal-legal method allows identifying and analyzing the core regulatory acts that establish the inner structure and powers of the Legal Commission. The functional method is used for characterizing the key vectors in the activity of Legal Commission on systematization of legislation. The scientific novelty consists in determining a status of Legal Commission of the Council of Ministers of USSR, which due to abolition of the Ministry of Justice of USSR, centralized its fundamental functions on systematization of legislation, and partially the lawmaking functions. The author underlines its role in the developing sectoral framework of the national legislation, finding outdated acts and their further abrogation, comprising the chronological collection of legislative acts and government decisions of the Soviet Union, followed by systematic collection.
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