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Publications of Kozyrenko Sergei Mikhailovich
Urban Studies, 2020-4
Kozyrenko S.M. - Environment that heals pp. 18-38


Abstract: The subject of this research is formation of the environment of rehabilitation centers for drug addicts and alcoholics, which can contribute to their recovery. The object of this research is the architectural environment, which is defined as a semantic field, themed for determining behavior of an individual or a particular group of people group of people. Such environment convinces people to lead drug-free and alcohol-free life. The author examines such aspects as the modern social problems related to mass isolation and loneliness. For many people, the urban environment becomes aggressive and uncomfortable. The desire of an individual to delve into the virtual space is understandable. The pandemic really aggravated this problem. The online mode of life (work, leisure, entertainment, communication, education) is conditioned by stressful situations, negative emotions, prolonged depression, and leads to misuse of psychotropic substances, drugs and alcohol. Special attention is given to the need for solution of social problems with the help of architecture and design – formation of in the urbanized environment of special space that would produce a positive impact, restore vital energy and capabilities of a person. The pandemic indicated rapid increase in the number of people who found escape from stress in alcohol and drugs. The main conclusion consists in create of such environment in the rehabilitation centers that would motivate the patients to fully recover. The author’s special contribution consists in on-site examination of the environment of rehabilitation centers and identification of problematic situations. This served as the foundation for determining the characteristics of environmental solutions. The novelty lies in determination of the semantic architectural environment of rehabilitation centers based on the drawings pf alcohol and drug addicts (environment-revival, environment-code, environment-motivation). There is currently no analogues to such environment.
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