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Publications of Bulatova Evgeniya Konstantinovna
Urban Studies, 2021-1
Bulatova E.K., Ul'chitskii O.A., Sal'nikova M.Y. - УGreenФ architecture of city riverwalks: on the example of Yekaterinburg pp. 99-108


Abstract: “Green” architecture of city riverwalks: on the example of Yekaterinburg The object of this research is the Iset River walk, between Malysheva Street and Kuibysheva Street of Yekaterinburg, which is the major attraction for population and the water-recreational urban area. The subject of this research is landscape urbanism used for reconstruction and recreational development of the territories of various functionality, including riverfronts. The author determines the key aspects of the development of recreational spaces of Yekaterinburg in the context of implementation of landscape and city planning approach, as well as the peculiarities of their formation of public and private lands. Comparative-historical analysis of the stages of formation and reconstruction of recreational spaces in the Sverdlovsk agglomeration, analysis of the shoreline of the Iset River between Malysheva Street and Kuibysheva Street of Yekaterinburg is carried out from the perspective of landscape urbanism. The obtained results are as follows:1. The author outlined the prospects of application of the principles of landscape urbanism in reconstruction of city riverwalks;2. The author analyzed the current functional and planning structure of Yekaterinburg; determined the prospects for its transformation, considering the principles of landscape urbanism and formation of the unified ecological-recreational framework;3. The author highlighted the advantages and disadvantages of reconstruction of the Iset River walk and the prospects for its further reconstruction, taking into account the concepts of landscape urbanism and eco-city.
Urban Studies, 2020-3
Bulatova E.K. - An approach of landscape urbanism in reconstruction of waterfront areas in a large city pp. 9-19


Abstract: This article explores a relevant problem of implementation of innovative approaches in the sphere of landscape engineering applicable to reconstruction of city waterfront areas, namely in the large cities. The author reviews the example of realization of the project modern waterfront areas, which considered the indicated factors and engineering principles. On the example of Magnitogorsk, the author examines the modern functional and planning pattern, as well as the quality of shelf territories with determination of the prospects of their transformation, taking into account the principles of landscape urbanism and formation of the single ecological-recreational framework. The method of sampling allowed defining the promising vectors in improvement of aesthetic qualities of a city waterfront area and its safety for all population groups that actively use urban recreational environment. The article underlines the advantages and disadvantages of the conducted reconstruction of a section of the Ural River embankment, and prospects of its further reconstruction considering the concepts of landscape urbanism and eco-city. The following conclusion were made: 1) landscape approach ensured the essential geographic connectedness of the territory, protect city systems from natural disasters (storms, floods, etc.); 2) restoration and reconstruction of shelf area of the Ural River would allow to not only form a unified recreational space and water recreational framework for the purpose of sustainable development of the territory, but also protect the territory from waterlogging; 3) landscape urbanism would contribute to wellness and ecological comfort of the population.
Urban Studies, 2020-1
Sal'nikova M.Y., Bulatova E.K. - Peculiarities of formation of comfortable urban environment (on the example of Magnitogorsk) pp. 134-147


Abstract: The subject of this research is the historical stages of creation of the beautification elements of urban environment of the city of Magnitogorsk. The object of this research is the periods of construction of recreational system objects since the XX century until the present. The authors examine such aspects of the topic as construction of recreational areas at each development period; all engineering and construction works at each historical stage pursued the key goal – quickest possible construction and bringing into service the largest metallurgical plant.  The authors propose a method of historical periodization of formation of recreational structures since the late XX century until the presents. The main conclusions lies in the results of analysis of beautification level of urban territories at different stages of its development. The elimination of such flaws would lead to a truly comprehensive beautification and creation of full-scale in functional, constructive, planning and artistic regard urban environment. The main factors of rational organization of a comfortable urban environment are determined.
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