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Publications of Dvukhzhilova Irina Vladimirovna
Urban Studies, 2019-4
Viazinkin A., Dvukhzhilova I.V. - To the question of historical-cultural importance of the virtual reconstructions of sites of commemoration pp. 44-50


Abstract: This article explores the theoretical considerations of the project of historical-cultural reconstructions of the “sites of commemoration” realized by the means of virtual modeling technologies. The project of the virtual reconstructions of “sites of commemoration” is viewed as a megaproject; as a program for creating commemorative environment, protection of tradition and social memory; as a source of materials for geocultural branding of the territory; as well as a relevant source for the development of solidary relations in modern society. Such subject of research requires comprehensive methodology. The author underlines the use of interdisciplinary approach in carrying out the virtual reconstruction projects; methods, technologies and materials provided by historical science, theoretical considerations of cultural anthropology, culturology and urban studies; data and results of mathematical modeling and virtual engineering. The original matrix of sociocultural objectives of each particular project of virtual modeling of the “sites of commemoration” maximally contributes to the development of certain cultural environment, methods and technologies of theoretical and applied fields of knowledge, as well as interdisciplinary collaboration. Historical material, processed with the help of virtual modeling technologies, including OpenSimulator 0.9.0 software, acquires a significant from the historical-cultural and cultural-anthropological perspective status of humanitarian megaproject. Digital museum, as an ultimate goal of the project, is the means for reviving memory and creating a complex of commemorative practices.
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