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Publications of Strakevich Anastasia
Politics and Society, 2018-6
Strakevich A. - Towards the Alternative for Germany: evolution of the radical right-wing populist parties of the Federal Republic of Germany pp. 39-51


Abstract: The object of this research is the radical right-wing populist parties of the Federal Republic of Germany, while the subject is the evolution of corresponding powers. The author sets a goal to determine the novelty of the phenomenon of “Alternative for Germany” for the German political landscape, as well as formulate the forecast of the existence and development of the party based on the available data. Particular attention is given to the concepts “radical right-wing” and “populist”, trends of their interpretation in the academic environment, and their applicability in characterizing the “Alternative for Germany”. It has been established that the slogans “Alternative for Germany” in multiple ways are concordant with the programs of its predecessors, as the party also receives the electoral support due to the alignment of the “grand coalition” parties. However, an average elector of the party has the untypical for the radical right-wing party socioeconomic characteristics and resembles an elector from the moderate parties. It is assumed that the populist component for the “Alternative for Germany” is significantly more important than the radical right-wing orientation. A conclusion is made that the party will continue existing in the next electoral cycles, but lose its current protest potential.
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