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Publications of Shakhova Ekaterina Vladimirovna
Sociodynamics, 2019-8
Shakhova E.V., Maksimova S.G. - Interethnic cooperation and social integration of population as interrelated processes (based on the results of sociological research in Altai Krai) pp. 1-12


Abstract: The subject of this research is the examination of correlation between the processes of interethnic cooperation and social integration of population. The definitions are given to the concepts of “interethnic cooperation”, “social integration”, and “interethnic communication”. It is noted that for Altai Krai, as a polyethnic region of the Russian Federation, these questions are considered as crucial in the area of public administration. Policy of the Russian Federation and its regions is aimed at the development and strengthening of interethnic relations that play an essential role in structuring a harmonious civil society founded on the principles of the equality of nations. The main research method became the questionnaire-based survey, conducted among the population of Altai Krai in 2016, 2017, and 2018. Interethnic cooperation in Altai Krai is characterized with the low level of tension, prevalence of welcoming and friendly relations that contribute to social harmony. The authors determine a significant correlation between the indicators “the level of interethnic cooperation” and “the level of social integration of population”. It must be taken into account in terms of implementation of the state ethnic policy of the region.  
Sociodynamics, 2019-6
Shakhova E.V., Maksimova S.G. - The peculiarities of functioning of the Russian language as the basis of interethnic relationships in polyethnic modern society (based on the materials of sociological research) pp. 23-34


Abstract: The subject of this research is the analysis of peculiarities of the Russian language as an important element of interethnic relationships in polyethnic modern society. The article examines such terms as “language” and “native language”, determines the main theories of origin of the language, as well as the specificities of sociological study of bilingualism. The authors underline the relevance of studying the Russian language along with the attention of our multiethnic country to the problems of its preservation and development; as well as note certain specificities of the language policy of the Russian Federation and its major objectives. The questionnaire survey of the population, conducted in 2016 in the thirty one region of the Russian Federation, became the key method of this sociological research. The article provides the comparative analysis of indicators of the literacy of population of different age groups in the national, monoethnic, and polyethnic regions of Russia. The authors list the characteristic features of the Russian language, and major issues regarding functioning. The conclusions may be valuable for the researchers dealing with the questions of interethnic relationships, and the Russian languages as its basis.
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