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Publications of Pozhidaev Vitaliy Evgenyevich
Law and Politics, 2022-5
Pozhidaev V.E. - The history of the adoption and criticism of the law on the renovation of housing stock in Moscow pp. 21-27


Abstract: In the context of the constant complication of civil turnover and the changing legislative regulation in this regard, the problem of guarantees of the inviolability of property is of serious importance. This situation is further complicated by the fact that a certain imbalance in the formed structure of the civil turnover of property rights is being introduced by large-scale socio-political projects, which include, in particular, the Program of Renovation of the housing stock in Moscow, initiated in 2017. This article reveals the prerequisites for the start of the housing renovation program in Moscow, analyzes the provisions of the first edition of Bill No. 120505-7, which introduces large-scale changes to the current regulation of civil, land, housing and urban development relations in connection with the renovation program. The scientific novelty of the article is determined by the specifics of the problem under study, which has not yet received proper understanding in the Russian legal science. The author attempts to systematically present a critical analysis of the first version of the renovation bill, highlight the main amendments and evaluate them from the point of view of eliminating gaps and contradictions. The key aspects of criticism of this draft law are noted, as well as the amendments made to the current version of the Law are evaluated for their sufficiency to eliminate gaps and contradictions identified in the first version of the bill. Conclusions are also drawn regarding potential areas for improving legislation on the renovation of housing stock in Moscow.
Law and Politics, 2018-8
Pozhidaev V.E. - Multi-family residential building as an object of property right: main approaches and legal status issues pp. 140-145


Abstract: The relevance of this research is justified by the difficulties in definition of the legal status of a multi-family residential building in the modern legal theory and legislation. The change in the current approaches is especially relevant in the context of the launch of the renovation of the residential areas in Moscow. The subject of this research is the legal status of multi-family buildings as an object of property right. The author examines the doctrinal approaches towards determination of the legal status of multi-family residences, exploring the advantages and disadvantages of each of them. Special accent is made on the position, according to which a multi-family residence represent a single unit of real estate. A conclusion is made on the impossibility of application of the Integral Real Estate Complex legal regime by the interpretation of the current civil code, and requires designation of the category of residential property complex. The author formulates the concept of residential property complex and highlights the key features distinguishing it from the Integral Real Estate Complex. The main conclusion is the recognition of the imperfection of the current approaches towards the legal regulation of multi-family residential buildings as the objects of civil law. The author advances that a multi-family residence should be recognized as a single real estate unit, for which the category of “residential property complex” is being proposed. Formalization of this concept in Russian legislation would allow recognition of a multi-family residence as an abject of property right.
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