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Publications of Yuganson Andrei Nikolaevich
Cybernetics and programming, 2017-5
Evstigneeva O.A., Yuganson A.N., Korobeinikov A.G., Grishentsev A.Y., Kubasheva E.S. - Optimization of Transitional Commutation Processes in Thermal Operations Systems pp. 89-102


Abstract: The subject of the research is the method of reducing the spark load and commutation noise by separating the power elements of thermal plants. The object of the research is thermal installations. The aim of the research is to develop a method for separating the power elements of thermal plants in order to reduce the switching currents when performing thermal control. In the course of their research the authors have conducted simulation based on the example of a heating installation. The results of simulation and comparison of the systems with separation and without separation of the thermal circuits show the efficiency of the application of the separation method to reduce the switching currents while maintaining the admissible system characteristics by the cosφ criterion. The authors also offer their method for reducing switching currents in the process of temperature control of the temperature of thermal installations by transition from one power element of the thermal installation to several, the power of which is distributed in proportion to the first members of the Fibonacci series. The analysis carried out in the research has showed the possibility of reducing switching currents by increasing the number of thermal circuits. The possibility of reducing the switching voltages in several times is demonstrated. The authors offer to divide powers between consumers (thermal loops or cryogenic elements) in proportion to several first terms of Fibonacci numbers. The typical feature for dividing the system into several power circuits is the increase in reacting power. The authors offer the method to return part of the reacting power in thermal plants by back connection of thermal spiral elements.   
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