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Publications of Kochkin Mikhail Valer'evich
International relations, 2016-4
Avatkov V.A., Kochkin M.V. - The peculiarities of relations between Russia and the countries of the Middle East at the present stage


Abstract: The research object is Russia’s foreign policy towards the Middle East countries at the present stage of development of international relations. Special attention is given to the problems of Russia’s transition from the defensive foreign policy to the offensive one. The authors study the Syrian direction and note that Russia’s military operation in Syria has denoted the restoration of the Middle East region as one of the top priority directions of Russia’s foreign policy. This direction needs a more detailed study of the peculiarities of political links between state and non-state actors within the Middle East region and beyond, and a certain transformation of Russia’s foreign policy in this direction for the purpose of broadening the possibilities of cooperation and interaction and more flexible responses to the new challenges and threats. The study is based on the system analysis and comparison of interrelation between Russia and the Middle East, and the comparison of various stages of development of relations with particular states in the post-bipolar period. The authors apply the method of modeling to create a model of relations with the Middle East countries which would be the most beneficial for Russia. This study is one of the first complex analyses of Russia’s relations with the Middle East in the context of a dramatic transformation of the international relations subsystem in this region, connected with a gradual reorientation of the region to the independent solution of the problems, connected, primarily, with the Islamic State. The authors suppose that Russia needs to change its policy towards the Middle East, to initiate proactive foreign policy in its relations with all states. Otherwise, in the context of interregional cooperation strengthening, Russia would lose the possibility to have an impact on the developments in the region. 
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