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Publications of Karagodina Oksana Aleksandrovna
Sociodynamics, 2019-9
Karagodina O.A. - The role of the socially oriented non-profit organizations in solving the problem of persons with disabilities and health limitations (on the example of the organizations of Volgograd Region) pp. 75-81


Abstract: The object of this research is the prosocial activity of non-profit organizations (NPO) with regards to the different categories of citizens, particularly persons with disabilities and health limitations. The subject of this research is the role of the socially oriented non-profit organizations in solving of issues of this population category. Latterly, the representatives of academic cluster pay greater attention to the civil society institutions, as well as to assessment of activity of the “third sector”. Under the current circumstances, the government is not capable to fully resolve the socioeconomic problems of the citizens. This leads to the growing role of the civil society institutions, which take increasingly strong hold in the niche of social policy. The author analyzes the social practices of NPO of the Volgograd Region, and describes the most efficient ones in the article. As of today, NPO play an important role in solution of the social issues. Having a sizable potential, such organizations contribute to accomplishment of particular tasks. Developing and practically implementing their own project, the programs and initiatives improve the effectiveness of social policy in a specific region.
Sociodynamics, 2018-10
Karagodina O.A. - Sociocultural functions of charity in the Russian society pp. 1-7


Abstract: The object of this research is the sociocultural phenomenon of Russian charity, while the subject is the social functions of charity activities. The authors consider charity as a special type of practice of social interaction supported by the system of social aid institutions and manifested in the forms of civic initiatives, aimed at development of the comfortable and harmonious social environment. Charity carries out a number of functions: socializing, axiological, socioeconomic, communicative-integrative, and compensatory. Structural-functional approach was applied for assessing the functions of charity as a sociocultural practice; the article also used the methodological principles of unity of the historical and logical. A conclusion is made that performing the important sociocultural functions, Russian charity conduces the preservation and strengthening of the subject-object relations. It contributes to the development of high moral ideals and spiritual values, allows retaining the existential link between Self and Other, as well as avoiding negative consequences of globalization that unifies the national identity and distinctness.
Philosophy and Culture, 2016-6
Karagodina O.A. - Mercy and charity as the concepts of national idea in Russia


Abstract: The article is devoted to the analysis of the role of life-meaningful orientations of socially significant activity in the context of search of national idea of the Russian society. It is supposed that its search has to be carried out proceeding from humanistic idea of mercy and existential need of the person to create the benefit. The author suggests criteria that must be met for the Russian national idea. The conclusion is that compassion and charity can become the concepts of the Russian national idea. These concepts reflect substantive values of development of the Russian super-ethnos. The national idea which was offered in article will allow to avoid negative consequences of globalization which goes on the way of a Westernization of the public relations and a alienation of the person both from the «I», and from «Another». The Russian national idea including concepts of mercy and charity will be able to promote preservation of values and ideals of our country.
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