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Publications of Podgornaya Ekaterina Arturovna
Litera, 2016-1
Bondareva E.P., Podgornaya E.A., Chistyakova G.V. - Self-Presentation Online: the Gender Aspect pp. 26-34


Abstract: The aim of the research is gender analysis of communication strategies and tactics by which the Internet users of online dating sites create free-text (without multiple choice option) self-presentations. The data for the study are the profiles made up by Russian and English-speaking men and women aged 18 to 60. The data are analyzed by means of three methods: descriptive, comparative and quantitative. The analysis results show five universal speech strategies: Self-characterization, Addressee’s characterization, Purpose of searching, Representing an ideal situation, Orientation to communication, which are verbalized in self-presentations of both Russian- and English-speaking men and women in online dating sites. Each speech strategy has a certain set of communication and speech tactics that are described from gender position. Furthermore, the authors point out two commonly used speech strategies: Self-characterization and Addressee’s characterization. The researchers conclude that there are no fundamental gender differences in choosing men’s or women’s specific speech strategies. The gender preferences reveal in the choice of tactics, communication and speech.
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