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Publications of Alekseev Nikolai Evgen'evich
World Politics, 2019-2
Alekseev N.E. - Import substitution as an institution of strengthening the national sovereignty strengthening
pp. 43-50


Abstract: The research subject is import substitution policy aiming at the development of Russia’s real economy. The research object is the process of strengthening the national sovereignty characterized by the set of measures aimed at interaction between the state, business circles, the banking sector and society. Special attention is given to the idea that initially, import substitution was understood as a state economic policy strategy oriented toward economic development acceleration. However, at the present time, import substitution has transformed into the policy of strengthening the national sovereignty. The author substantiates the universal nature of import substitution in terms of the national sovereignty provision. The research methodology is based on the interdisciplinary approach focusing on the peculiarities of the national economy development and the global geopolitical situation. The author uses the methods of dialectics, abstraction, idealization, formalization, modeling, as well as analysis and synthesis. The author concludes that the import substitution policy includes two main directions of development: economic development of the country and strengthening the national sovereignty. The scientific novelty of the research consists in the justification of the phenomenon of import substitution as a universal basis of strengthening the national sovereignty. The author comes to the conclusion that the import substitution policy is not a strategic goal of the development of the country, but is only an instrument providing a possibility to move to an export-oriented model of development.    
Theoretical and Applied Economics, 2017-1
Alekseev N.E. - Alternative Concept to Overcome the Crisis pp. 41-47


Abstract: The subject of the research is the concept of collaborative consumption which is a kind of alternative to the present concept of individual consumption. The object of the research is a contemporary economic system characterized by a decrease in volumes of production and consumption of goods, the fall in real income in the consumer sector, the decline in purchasing power, inflation and unemployment. Special attention is paid to the idea that in the modern world the concept of increasing consumption is no longer the driving force of development of society and the whole philosophy of the future is also undergoing change. On the one hand, growing economic crisis leads to the transformation of patterns of consumption, from individual models to the model of collaborative consumption, thereby reducing consumption and transforming its structure. On the other hand, the recognition of the model of collaborative consumption deprives the economy of one of the directions of overcoming the crisis – the growth of volumes of consumption, reduction of unemployment, increase and acceleration of financial flows. The author comes to the conclusion that one of the effective means of combating global financial and economic crisis and a worthy alternative to individual consumption may be an adaption model of collaborative consumption. This model is based on the paradigm shift of social development (the growing dominance of the network structure of social life), transformation of the structure of needs of the population (from rigid hierarchical structures to flexible but atomistic market structure and finally a network form interaction coordination) characterized by the lack of ownership of the used good.
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