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Citizens rights in the area of medicine and healthcare
Bratanovskii S.N., Zakurdaeva A.Y. - Legal regulation of the supply and technical equipment in administering first aid pp. 7-20


Abstract: The subject of this research is the complex of laws that regulate the public relations in the area of supplies and technical equipment in administering first aid. The authors explore the key legal mechanisms and sources of equipment of all categories of potential parties to administration of first aid with first aid kits and basic emergency medical equipment. Analysis is conducted on the licensing process related to such equipment. A special attention is given to the legal issue pertaining to the absence of the legal requirement for the contents of the first aid kits and required emergency medical equipment, as well as the low level of equipment preparedness of the potential members of administration of first aid, even with existence of the established requirements for administration of first aid. Among the main conclusions is the claim that the gaps in the legal support, and in a number of cases complete absence of norms, is a serious organizational legal problem, and certainly decreases the quality of administration of first aid. The scientific novelty of this work consists in a complex and comprehensive research of the problem of optimization of the legal support in the sphere of technical equipment in administration of first aid.
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