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Healthcare system
Dikikh A.A. - India's National Health Policy from the Onset of Independence in 1947 to the Present Day pp. 6-13


Abstract: The object of this research is the health care system in India, and the subject is the development patterns of the features and the formation of its since independence in 1947 to the present day. The process of forming the Health Planning Commission, its purpose, the development of five-year plans and the place in these plans for the health and family welfare. Five-year plans are explored by blocks from the first five year plan (1951-1956) to the fifth five year plan (1974-1979), then from the sixth plan (1980-1985) to the eleventh plan (2007-2012). The twelve-year plan (2012-2017) is explored separately. This article reseach the features of the three national health policies of 1983, 2002 and 2017. This article analized of the three national health policy projects of 1983, 2002 and 2017. Differences in the economic situation between states and union territories led to the creation of the following projects, the main provisions of which are explored in this work: National Rural Health Mission (2005-2012), National Health Urban Mission (May 2013), and strategy - National Health Mission (2012-2017), combining projects in the field of health in urban and rural. The present study aimed at conducting a comparative analysis of access to servicies health in rural and urban. In the investigation is the projected population data of growth in the urban set out in the 2030 and the 2045. There is considered of changes in infant mortality in India during the twelve five-year plans. The research methodology is based on the structural-functional, system analysis, comparative, historical, statistical, induction, deduction, synthesis. On the results of research, the authors were able to draw conclusions about improved quality of health services for low-income segments of the population. However, infant mortality in the country is still at a high level.
Kolobaev S.A., Lebedev G.S. - The Review of Blockchain and Bitcoin Technologies in Terms oftheir Application Possibility for a Medical Management and Health Care Organization pp. 14-19


Abstract: The object of the research is the blockchain technology and bitcoin. The scope of the research covers possibilities for application the blockchain and bitcoin technologies in medical informatics and the health care organization. Research objective: to prove possibilities for application the blockchain and bitcoin technologies in medical management and business processes of health care. Research tasks: to designate the main characteristics, the principles and entities of blockchain technology and bitcoin, to define the directions of management health care. Hypothesis of a research is existence of positive communication between characteristics of blockchain technologies and bitcoin and strategies of development health care in aspect of introduction of innovative developments. Research methods: analysis of references, comparison method, analysis and synthesis of data. Modeling the opportunities application of blockchain technologies and bitcoin in medical informatics and the organization of health care. The main conclusions of the technologies research are a creation of social network of doctors, development of medical information systems and databases, electronic medical cards of patients. A special conclusion of a research is the development clinical decision support system based on communications and is exchanged given by means of the blockchain and bitcoin technologies. The author contribution consists of the research references of the last years and analysis the identification and description of entities of technology for medical informatics and health care management.
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