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Contents of Issue № 02/2016
Preventive care and medicine
Zasyad'ko K.I., Flenov E.A., Vonarshenko A.P., Yazlyuk M.N. - The methods of air staff physical training for the formation of psychophysical tolerance to the impact of aerobatic acceleration forces pp. 52-62


Abstract: The research subject is the problem of air staff physical training for the impact of aerobatic acceleration forces within the scheduled psychophysical training of air staff of maneuver aviation as a component of the flight safety provision system. Tolerance to the negative effects of acceleration forces during aerobatic flights after long intervals between the flights can be improved with the help of the skills of maximum muscular straining, static conditioning, tolerance of the physiological systems of the body to maximum static straining and special breathing together with muscular straining. The aim of the paper is to study of the possibility to improve psychophysical training of the Yakovlev Yak-52 pilots for aerobatic flights by means of the set of special physical exercises. The authors apply the methods of aviation medicine, occupational physiology, sports medicine, rehabilitation medicine and the methods of mathematical statistics for the analysis of the research results. The authors develop the method of the increase of functional tolerance of pilots to aerobatic acceleration forces, that can be used within the system of psychophysical training of sports aviation pilots for the refreshment of skills of aerobatic pilotage for the purpose of the increase of their functional abilities and thus improve the flight safety. 
Physical exercise and sport
Pozdnyakova U.S. - The entertainment activities concept, its role within the educational system, upbringing and children’s leisure time organization for the purpose of their optimal psychophysiological health and development ensuring pp. 63-79


Abstract: The paper studies the entertainment activities concept, its role within the educational system, upbringing and children’s leisure time organization for the purpose of their psychophysiological health and development ensuring. The author believes that the entertainment activities concept is actively used at the present time in the practice of organizations and institutions of all forms of ownership in different educational and leisure events for the purpose of children’s optimal psychological and physiological health and development improvement. This fact causes the need for the conceptual analysis of this category to include it into the categorical framework of pedagogics and medicine. The author applies the statistical method, the method of historicism, comparative-legal study, the functional method, comparison, analysis and interviewing. Upon condition that the recommendations of this study are observed, entertainment activities in sports and recreation organizations for children can become the modern creative link for the use of any other pedagogical, psychological, cultural, educational and leisure technologies, thus ensuring the optimal psychological and physiological health and development of children. 
History of healthcare
Kostrigin A.A. - P.P. Kashchenko and the first census of people with mental diseases in Nizhny Novgorod in the 19th century pp. 80-89


Abstract: The article considers the statistical studies of Petr Petrovich Kashchenko (1859 – 1920), a well-known psychiatrist and public person, in the field of psychiatry. The research subject is the statistical report of one of the first census of people with mental diseases in Russia. The author considers the peculiarities of this statistical study of mental diseases, points at the difficulties faced and the mistakes made, and analyzes the obtained results. The author notes the significant influence of land statistics in the late 19th century on the science and the society. The study is based on the principle of unity of logic and history in science. The author applies the categorical and conceptual analysis, problemological analysis and historiographic analysis. The scientific novelty of the work consists in the consideration of the results of the statistical study of mental diseases spreading among rural population of Nizhny Novgorod province in the late 19th century, and in the specification of the data, acquired by P.P. Kashchenko (compared with the previously published works in this field). The author demonstrates the quantity of mentally deranged people according to their diseases; the percentage ratio of particular diseases in the total number of diseases, the percentage ratio of deranged men and women. The author emphasizes the contribution of Kashchenko to the development of psychiatry in the late 19th century. 
Physical exercise and sport
Nikiforov D.A., Sudarev A.M., Soldatov S.K., Zasyad'ko K.I. - The methods of urgent recovery of the functional reserves of sportsmen using external counterpulsation therapy pp. 90-97


Abstract: The authors consider the use of counterpulsation therapy for urgent recovery of the functional reserves of the organism in sports, based on physical endurance. The medicinal effect of counterpulsation therapy is determined by the significant improvement of myocardial perfusion in the diastolic phase, the decrease of mechanical heart function of blood output and related effects, appearing in the result of intensive pneumomassage of lower extremities. The purpose of the research is the study of the possibility to use counterpulsation therapy as a method of urgent recovery of the functional reserves of high-skilled sportsmen. The research methodology combines the methods of sports medicine, sports cardiology, personalized medicine, rehabilitation medicine and adaptation physiology. The authors substantiate the conclusion that the effect of external counterpulsation therapy on the human organism and the possibility of the fast recovery of energy resources of cardiovascular and muscular systems are the sound reasons for the wide use of this method in the interests of development and implementation of effective rehabilitation and recovery methods in sports medicine. 
Preventive care and medicine
Vonarshenko A.P., Yazlyuk M.N., Zasyad'ko K.I. - Use of yoga practice for physical rehabilitation of women suffering from essential hypertension pp. 98-107


Abstract: The research subject is the effect of regular aerobic training in the form of yoga practice on the effectiveness of rehabilitation of patients suffering from essential hypertension. Despite a large number of proved positive effects of yoga practice on arterial tension, cholesterol level (high-density lipoproteins and triglycerides) and endothelium-dependent vasodilation, these data need to be further verified. The previously conducted studies considered yoga practice as a primary prophylaxis and did not pay enough attention to the potential of yoga practice as a component of drug-free treatment of essential hypertension. The given study is devoted to this aspect. The author applies the methods of rehabilitation medicine, physical rehabilitation, rehabilitation exercises, functional diagnostics and evidence-based medicine. The research demonstrates that the use of complex physical rehabilitation including rehabilitation exercises and hatha yoga practice promotes blood pressure normalization, a well-coordinated work of cardiovascular system, the normalization of excitatory and inhibitory processes in central nervous system, the increase of performance efficiency and the improvement of subjective state of health of female patients. This fact allows considering hatha yoga practice as an adequate principle of nosotropic therapy and the method of the improvement of rehabilitation of female patients suffering from stage 1 hypertension. 
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