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Privatization of world politics
Karpovich O.G. - Forms and methods of intervention of transnational corporations in the activities of intergovernmental organizations pp. 72-83


Abstract: The present article is devoted to the research of the modern forms and methods of intervention of a special type of non-state actors of international relations - transnational corporations - in the activities of intergovernmental organizations. The object of the research is the world politics in general and the activities of actors in the world politics, such as transnational corporations and intergovernmental organizations, in particular. The subject of the study is the forms and methods of interaction of transnational corporations and intergovernmental organizations in the sphere of the world politics. The purpose of the research is to identify the forms and methods of intervention of multinational corporations in the activities of intergovernmental organizations.The methodological base of the research includes the system, institutional, structural and functional, and comparative political approaches, the methods of analysis, synthesis, induction, deduction and observation.The author draws attention to the fact that the interaction of TNCs with intergovernmental international organizations is one of the most urgent problems of international relations and the world politics. Intergovernmental international organizations, created by states, unlike transnational corporations, possess international legal personality and, therefore, are the full participants of the system of international relations. TNCs do not have the same sovereignty and belong to the class of non-governmental actors of international relations. Intergovernmental organizations seek to regulate the activities of TNCs in the world politics and economics, considering the TNCs as their potential competitors. As for the TNCs, they tend to act on equal terms with intergovernmental organizations in the world politics, claiming the equal status and their part in the regulation of global political processes. It inevitably leads to tensions and conflicts between intergovernmental organizations and TNCs for the leadership in the world politics.
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