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World Politics
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Contents of Issue № 02/2019
Regional configurations of international relations
Kontcova E. - On the issue of the regional refugee regime in South Asia pp. 1-11


Abstract: The author considers the topical problems of the regional refugee regime in South Asia. the research subject is forced migration in the South Asia region. The research object is the problem of refugee questions settlement in the regional dimension. The author studies such aspects of the issue as the key mechanisms of the refugee problem regulation in South Asia including bilateral agreements, the activities of international and regional governmental and nongovernmental organizations. Special attention is given to the problem of forming an effective regional mechanism of the forced migration issues solving in South Asia. The research methodology is based on the comprehensive interdisciplinary approach to studying the issue. The author also uses the methods of scientific generalization, logical and system analysis. The author concludes that the regional approach to solving the refugee problem is not efficient, since the regional countries prefer not to take responsibility for the performance of the agreements of a larger scale. The problem settlement mechanism is focused on flexible bilateral agreements. The author’s contribution to the study of the issue is the analysis of the measures taken by the organizations with the purpose to eliminate the problems of forced migration in the region. The scientific novelty of the study consists in the fact that the author is the first to study the problem of regional refugee regime in South Asia base on the complex analysis, comparison and generalization of a wide range of sources.  
Questions of current interest
Borovkova M.I. - The U.S. fight against ISIS in Syria during President Trump’s administration: 2017 - 2019
pp. 12-21


Abstract: The article considers the U.S. fight against ISIS in Syria in 2017- 2019 during President Trump’s administration, analyzes the key decisions of the current U.S. President on this issue including the continuation of the international anti-ISIS campaign, cooperation with Kurdish groups and intention to withdraw military forces after the defeat of “Khilafat”. The past two years of the Trump presidency give the opportunity to analyze his approach to the fight against ISIS and the results achieved in the liquidation of the jihadist threat in Syria. The author of the research uses the systems approach, the methods of modeling, the cartographic and comparative methods, the actor-factor, systems and level analyses. The scientific novelty of the research consists in the well-timed analysis of the approach of the current American administration to the urgent problem of fight against ISIS and radical threat in Syria, and the presentation of the main results of this approach achieved by the present time.  The author comes to the following conclusions: Donald Trump, in many respects continuing the policy of his predecessor, has managed to achieve military destruction of the ISIS “Khilafat”, but the ISIS threat still exists and is considered as a long-term one; Washington hasn’t managed to solve a knot of the problem connected with its cooperation with Turkey and Kurdish groups, which consider each other as almost existential threats, at the same time; unexpected and prompt decisions of President Trump wrong-foot America’s allies and increase the threat for some of them.   
Regional configurations of international relations
Alekseev N.N. - The system of the EU’s citizen’s identities: prospects of moving to post-nationalism
pp. 22-32


Abstract: The article studies the European identity construct in the context of the post-nationalism theory. The author reconsiders the traditional “supra-national” approach to common identification in the EU. The author analyzes the development of the concept of European identity as one of the key elements of European integration, giving special attention to such aspects as the mechanisms of formation, challenges and prospects, as well as the role of common identity in European integration processes. Special attention is given to the research of the possibility of the European identity development in the post-national direction followed by the transformation of the European Union to a post-national society. The research methodology includes a complete rethink of studying individual identities as a system. The systems approach to studying identity helps to see the nature of identification of a person and a citizen in a new light and promotes a deeper understanding of its structure, thus helping to develop brand new approaches to studying the mechanisms of identity formation. The author states that an EU citizen is overloaded with the need for multiple identifications which are briefly described by the author within his system of identities. The author also describes the structure and the components of identity and formulates the conclusions about the peculiarities of interaction between various components and elements of the system of identities. These conclusions can be used for forecasting the further development of the EU and integration processes in Europe.   
Colonial policies of world powers
Mikhalev A.V. - Political presence - genealogy of the concept
pp. 33-42


Abstract: The research subject is the discourse of political presence reproduced in Russia’s public sphere since the 2000s. The article considers the history of appearance of this concept in the public sphere and its penetration into the scientific one. The research object is the history of political thought in Russia. The author analyzes the polysemy of this term to attempt to study the specificity of formation and reproduction of public political concepts. The author assesses the prospect of their application in political practice as operational analytical categories. The research methodology is based on the critical discourse analysis. Using this scientific tool, the author considers the structure and the method of reproducing one particular discourse concept. The special author’s contribution to the research of the topic is the fact that he is the first to notice the randomness of using the term “political presence”. The author concludes that the term “political presence” needs to be strictly defined. It is necessary to give precise criteria to defining military, economic and political presence.   
Interests and values
Alekseev N.E. - Import substitution as an institution of strengthening the national sovereignty strengthening
pp. 43-50


Abstract: The research subject is import substitution policy aiming at the development of Russia’s real economy. The research object is the process of strengthening the national sovereignty characterized by the set of measures aimed at interaction between the state, business circles, the banking sector and society. Special attention is given to the idea that initially, import substitution was understood as a state economic policy strategy oriented toward economic development acceleration. However, at the present time, import substitution has transformed into the policy of strengthening the national sovereignty. The author substantiates the universal nature of import substitution in terms of the national sovereignty provision. The research methodology is based on the interdisciplinary approach focusing on the peculiarities of the national economy development and the global geopolitical situation. The author uses the methods of dialectics, abstraction, idealization, formalization, modeling, as well as analysis and synthesis. The author concludes that the import substitution policy includes two main directions of development: economic development of the country and strengthening the national sovereignty. The scientific novelty of the research consists in the justification of the phenomenon of import substitution as a universal basis of strengthening the national sovereignty. The author comes to the conclusion that the import substitution policy is not a strategic goal of the development of the country, but is only an instrument providing a possibility to move to an export-oriented model of development.    
International economy relations
Slobodyan R.A. - The role of corporations and their influence on the implementation of Russia’s foreign economic policy
pp. 51-61


Abstract: The article considers the issues of the influence of national and foreign corporations on the formation and implementation of Russia’s foreign economic policy during their interaction with the state. The author describes the tendencies of formation of corporations as political actors on the international scene.  At the present time, the increase of the role and the influence of corporations in the international political system can be observed. First of all, it is connected with the growing interdependence of the international economics and politics. The economic potential of particular corporations excels those of many countries. A corporation acts both as an instrument of implementation of state interests on the foreign scene, and as an object of influence of foreign actors aiming at affecting the policy of particular countries.  The author uses the systems approach and the methods of analysis, synthesis and comparison. The role and influence of the largest corporations of Russia on the formation and implementation of the state’s foreign economic policy of the kin-state and the recipient states is considered in terms of international political economics. The acquired results help give attention to particular aspects of interaction between the state and corporations in the context of raising the effectiveness of Russia’s foreign economic policy implementation.   
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