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World Politics

The U.S. military and political strategy in Asian-Pacific region

Khlopov Oleg Anatolyevich

PhD in Politics

Associate Professor at the American Studies Department of the Russian State University for the Humanities

125993, GSP-3, Russia, Moskva oblast', g. Moscow, Miusskaya ploshchad'., 6




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The research subject is the U.S.-China relations in the field of security. The research object is the peculiarities, the current state, the tendencies and the prospects of development of the U.S. strategy towards the growing and spreading military and strategic influence of China on the dynamics of processes in Asian-Pacific region. The author studies the content of the U.S. - China problems, the conflict potential and controversies in the field of military politics and military and political doctrines of the U.S. and China. The research is based on the paradigm of political neorealism proceeding from the assumption that the actors of international relations are sovereign states, and world politics and international relations are considered in terms of their systematicity. The main research method is the system approach. To describe the current content of the U.S.-China military and political relations, the author uses the comparative and historical research methods. The author formulates the conclusion that the U.S tries to avoid the revision of the regional status quo in the result of China’s ascending and the growth of its influence, by preserving and expanding military alliances and involving China into the military cooperation system. Against the background of the current economic and military and political controversies and differing understandings of the future world order, the politicians of the two countries try to avoid direct military conflicts based on the balance of forces and unavoidable strategic competition in Asian-Pacific region. 

Keywords: military cooperations, APR, USA, China, national interests, international relations, military alliances, security, defense, army
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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